Dear Diary | 1 & 2 Dec, 2017 | The One Where I Celebrate my Blog Birthday

Dear Diary  I’m writing this on the 3rd of this month because here’s what happened: But before that, here’s what I’m listening to 1 Dec,2017: I’m in the middle of posting my blog for the day when my laptop decided to crash. And I didn’t bother much with it thinking that I’ll have the blog post […]

Dear Diary | 7 Nov, 2017 |The one where I uploaded a new YouTube video! 

Dear Diary Today, I mostly rested because I still need to recover from what happened yesterday. But! I really wanted to film videos today because it’s been a while. So, before anything else went wrong today, I decided to get ready and get filming! That’s all that I was able to do. After filming two videos, […]

Dear Diary | 4 Nov, 2017 | The one where I sold quite a few bags :D

Dear Diary Today was a funny day. Mixed events and what not. And I quite enjoyed it! I’m definitely feeling better than the past few days, was able to be more productive too. However, my body ache increased towards the end but oh well! I’m mentally better so! 😀   8.25 AM – Does life recognize […]