“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” My thoughts on The Handmaid’s Tale.

“Yes, Ma’am, I said again, forgetting. They used to have dolls, for little girls, that would talk if you pulled a string at the back; I thought I was sounding like that, voice of a monotone, voice of a doll. She probably longed to slap my face. They can hit us, there’s Scriptural precedent. But […]

Day 2.

( This is in continuation of goo.gl/oNVDFB ) A little too much to read in the previous one? Let’s begin this one with some pictures, shall we? This will be a short one 🙂 Second day stop – Dastkar’s Design Fair. A friend’s friend recommended this event to me and it sounded something I’d like to be […]

When I’m not seen sleeping or resting, I’m proving people wrong. All day. Every day.

I’m so excited to write this blog (I have no idea why!) that I removed my keyboard’s silicon pad just so I can hear the click-click throughout this typing journey! There’s something about that sound if you listen carefully, you know. Try it! Anyway, let’s get into what this blog is really about. This is […]