Audiobooks – Recommendations, TBR and which app/apps to use.

“Audiobooks speak for themselves.” ~ Paul Acampora, I Kill the Mockingbird Haha! Well, yes they do. And if you don’t pick a good narrator, there is no way you’ll enjoy the book. That’s one mistake I made when I first entered the land of audiobooks and I spoke about it in a blog post which also happened […]

Dear Diary | 24 Oct, 2017 | Life with auto-immunity and a Best Friend!

8.37 AM – Good morning! Winters are coming 😀 In between – Lazed around. Enjoyed some gluten – free breakfast. Got down to some work. 11.45 AM – Today’s Instagram posts pretty much explained that I won’t be continuing with A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie! Not that I’m sure what to pick next! But I surely […]

Dear Diary | 21 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 6 | A day in with family and out with friends!

Dear Diary Today was a beautiful day. My pooch was happy and his playful self and I had a good time with my humans too! I did exert a lot today, but it was worth it. I’ll just make up for it by resting for a few weeks. My body behaved well today! Although, I […]

Dear Diary | 18 Oct, 2017 | Spookathon Day 3 | Doughnut was frightened almost the entire day.

Dear Diary I’m glad to have started documenting my days and eventually would want to add a lot of other things from my day too. But so far I’m happy with this! I’ve enjoyed the past days (documented here) and today wasn’t so bad too! i just wish the fireworks would end soon because it […]

My thoughts on Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | A spoiler-free book review.

Ketterdam, a bustling place known for its international trade where anything can be achieved by those who know how to take it. And who knows that better than criminal prodigy, Kaz Brekker. When Kaz is offered an opportunity that could get him wealth beyond his imagination, he isn’t aware of all that could follow the […]

I thought Ian McEwan to be both cruel and considerate at the same time. More thoughts on Atonement.

A family reunites for, what proves to be, the last time. In just a matter of a couple of hours, multiple lives change. And none of them for the good. A family is torn apart, two lovers separated, a life of guilt and an urge of penance and atonement for one. The author is both cruel […]