My first Inktober and My Second+Third Week – Studying Art & A Collection of Books I read.

Hey! I’m back with some more Inktober fun! This time, with some bookish goodness too. So this week, I didn’t make enough art pieces that I could share online because this week I decided to study and practice different  forms of illustration from comic books and graphic novels. Since it was completely done from other […]

My Inara Stories: How did I design Phone Wallets (Pt. 1)

Hello Everyone! As mentioned in my previous post, I plan on introducing my work life to you, stories behind designs and some rough ideas to final product journey! So today, I wanted to introduce our wallet designs to you. Please note that I don’t have any formal fashion education whatsoever! I’ve been quite creative as […]

When Family & Friends come to rescue and a Mini Nykaa Haul!

These past few days, my body’s been a tad bit difficult to handle. Often, things get unpredictable and tough with Auto-immunity . Consequently, mind and mood are almost always affected and it just keeps getting as frustrating as one can imagine. All these years, staying productive and busy has most successfully helped me in coping with […]