Past, Present and After Life.

Past, Present and After Life.

This isn't your typical This-seems-like-a-fun-read book. This is rather a challenging one, but in a good way. A great one actually. In fact, when I had only read a couple of pages, this how I updated my Reading status on Goodreads: "I started reading it this morning and realised how difficult a read it'll be because of [...]

What’s been going on?

Hey! So I just felt like updating my blog with what's been happening these couple of days. I haven't exactly planned how this blog has to shape up so let's be spontaneous and see how it goes, yeah?  1. We are finally venturing in and setting up our bag making unit - It's tiny but [...]

Day 2.

( This is in continuation of ) A little too much to read in the previous one? Let's begin this one with some pictures, shall we? This will be a short one 🙂 Second day stop - Dastkar's Design Fair. A friend's friend recommended this event to me and it sounded something I'd like to be [...]