About Me

Well, I won’t really be able to do justice to this page to be honest. I’m always a little harsh on myself and I can’t help it. I’m trying though 😃
So this is what we’ll do – I asked three of my closest friends to write what they think of me – while two of them  wrote a couple of sentences on me, and one decided to sum it up in pointers! . And I’ll just write in the facts like age and stuff. Cool? Cool.
So here we go!
Name : Gurveen Kaur
Birthday : 20th May
Age : 26
What I used to do till two years back :
  •  Business development for a shoe manufacturing company ;
  • Creative head for two brands that I own ( so I’m also a shoe designer ) ;
  • over all? a fashion accessory designer

What I do now?

  • Design and illustrate books and book covers & write.
  • Self-study art and writing
  • Advocate animal freedom and spread awareness about a cruelty-free way of life
  • Read and explore the world through books
  • Talk A LOT about my baby boys – Mr. Doughnut and Baby Zoughie ❤
  • Learning to walk on a Spiritual path

And a lot more.

Things I’d  like to learn and do : Energy healing for both Human animals and Non-human animals; 3D art & animation; visual development
And now, what my friends think (not updated since 3 years ago) :
“ I have taken the liberty to call you Veenie.
Cool? Cool.
Love love love

For those who know Veenie, she is a constant source of warmth and positivity, For those who are yet to know her, when you see a smiling face, fashionable shoes and radiance emanating from one person, you are looking at Veenie. 
She is a spirited entrepreneur with a vision beyond the horizon. She has been a passionate artist and brings the same creative prowess into her professional body of work. The dynamic person that Veenie is, she ensures that the same translates into her work. A fashionista with her own distinctive style, Veen is a name to look out for in the world of style. You will find her dancing her way through life with the ease that only she can carry while she toils to create a business. She has shaped a brand for herself in a matter of months with her hardwork, labour and heightened imagination. When not working, you will find Gurveen playing with Doughnut, her beautiful golden retriever, the love of her life or reading a book on an issue the world needs to pay attention to. Those who are lucky to know veen, know that apart from being an exceedingly successful professional, she is an amazing person and a fantastic friend to call your own- a leaked droplet of sunshine walking down the road in stunning heels. “ 

“ 1. Creative
2. Sound sense  of fashion
3. Good artist –Can design (sketch/paint/color) ; a good stylist as well  
4. Great sense of colours
5. Tech savvy
6. Keen learner
7. Can apply her knowledge in other (somewhat similar) area seamlessly
8. Sound sense of business
9. Good marketing ideas
10. Good with words
11. Understanding of the fashion market trend
12. Not afraid to do not-so-mainstream work
13. Out of the box ideas
14. Relentless spirit
15. No issue Putting late nights
16. Workaholic 
17. Always upto something good 
18. Very Professional 
19. Adaptive and adjusting 
20. She’s a great person 😘
I think ur an amazing person who has been through more hardships than everyone i know put together and still u can come out with a pretty smile on your face, ur one of the most talented and self motivated people i know and u have always inspired me.
An ideal way for you to spend time on a rainy day would be with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand and book in the other with Doughnut cuddling. 
U also understand what the other person is going through and empathize with them and try to be there for people u may not like.
Ur a very emotional person and very  passionate about things that not only happen with you but also around you. You are also extremely opinionated when it comes to various topics including but not limited to terrorism, world politics, survival stories etc. and you have a clear and an open mind. 
U have a good sense of humor which is not better than mine but still good enough to understand my jokes! “ 
Lovely people, aren’t they! ^_^ So that’s that! 
Be kind.