How I experiment with my artwork & illustrations | Forty Rules of Love edition

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About a month back, to study book illustrations and practice things on my own, I set a mini-ongoing-project for myself in which I selected scenes from a book I’m reading or have read before and illustrate it as per my interpretation / imagination. When I decided to start with this and make it a regular practice, I was re-reading Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak and so I started with it!

I haven’t been sharing many updates on the illustration after sharing it on my IG because I want to keep experimenting with it and try different rendering techniques and not having to constantly upload things gives me that space and creative freedom. I honesty don’t appreciate what social media has become now – I do enjoy this blog space – but I would love to find a way to make enough work for myself without becoming social media dependent. But that’s for another blog post!

Coming back to what I chose to illustrate from the book –

"You have lost two loved ones," I corrected myself. "Your wife was pregnant with your first child." "I realise that it's no consolation to you, but I think there is something you should know," I said. "It wasn't they fire or the smoke that killed her. It was a wooden plank in the ceiling that collapsed on her head. She died instantly, without any pain. You always assumed she had suffered terribly, but in reality she did not suffer at all." 
The innkeeper furrowed his brow, bowed under a pressure only he could understand. His voice turned raspy as he asked, "How do you know all that?" I ignored the question. "You have been blaming yourself for not giving her a proper funeral. You still see her in your dreams, crawling out of the pit she was buried in. But your mind is playing games with you. In truth, your wife and son are both fine, traveling in infinity as free as a speck of light."

Upon hearing this the innkeeper pulled his hand away, as if he had just touched a sizzling pan. "I don't like you, dervish." he said. "I'll let you stay here tonight. But make sure you are gone early in the morning. I don't want to see your face around here again."

It was always like this. When you spoke the truth, they hated you. The more you talked about love, the more they hated you. 

- Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. 

I figured I don’t have enough practice with fabric folds and while experimenting different rendering methods, I had a hard time figuring those out. So before moving any further, I decided to do some fabric studies and am still doing so! Here’s a reminder for all the creatives out there, take up space, take your time, figure the creative expression and don’t fall prey to the “instant” culture being brewed up! Art takes time, expression takes time, so take it 🙂

I’m currently doing some more studies and will share them here when done!

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