I need your support with Baby May!

Hey guys! Remember I spoke to you about a book I’m currently writing? I now seek your support to continue working on it <3

What will my book be about?

First of all, this is my first big book project and my first time to write and paint/illustrate it myself.

The story follows a baby elephant, May, and highlights the relations elephant families share amongst themselves as well as with humans. Through May’s story, the book attempts to touch on their value to our own existence, our connection to Mother Earth through them, their way of life and their roles; and also the consequences of tourism & poaching industries adding on to their plight. The book aims at highlighting our role as consumers in these industries and also our roles as fellow inhabitants of the planet.

Through this book, I aim to make kids and adults aware of the current situations and how to put an end to the senseless exploitation. I aim to connect people to these intelligent beings and hopefully learn a better way to approach life by observing them.

Why do I need funding?

To be able to write a fictional story based on facts and also to paint the scenes, I need to do a lot of research. I need a basic understanding of the core values with which elephants form their relationships with family (herd) members and also friends. We are similar to elephants in terms of our complex emotions, thought process and perspective. But Elephants experience it 10x more intensely than we do.

Along with this, I’m studying fundamentals of writing & story-telling.

In order to draw elephants and different compositions from imagination, I need to study basic elephant anatomy and also other technical aspects of art.

To achieve this, I need to enrol myself in various online classes and also research through books, documentaries and current affairs in relation to these magnificent beings. I require funding for these classes and research work.

Why Elephants and nature?

I want to write stories on various animals and nature to spread awareness and remind people of how we need to connect with Mother Earth – the only route to a satisfied, peaceful life – but I’d like to start with Elephants. My love for Elephants isn’t recent but it’s definitely increased and intensified now and I feel extremely passionately for them. It breaks my heart to admit that we’ve inflicted a tremendous amount of pain on them over the course of our existence – for tourism & entertainment; for jewellery and house decor and for our lack of understanding and ability to co-exist. Even if we don’t actively go to zoos or pay for elephant rides, the forests being cleared for animal agriculture in the name of food is destroying their (and our own) lives.

A quick search on elephant population and situation will tell you –

“An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts, leaving only 400,000 remaining. An insatiable lust for ivory products in the Asian market makes the illegal ivory trade extremely profitable, and has led to the slaughter of tens of thousands of African elephants.”

I begin the book with May sharing her childhood album with the readers to establish an understanding of their emotions and to also connect readers to their lives better.

I understand and connect to the value and beauty of Nature more through  Gurmat (SIkh Wisdom). Our ten spiritual masters (Sikh Gurus) manifested on the earth to teach us a message of oneness, peace and harmony amongst all life; to make us realise that we’re made up of  elements of nature and so we carry Nature within us. For us to be truly at peace in life, we simply need to connect with all of nature. However, we forget to apply their teachings to our daily lives. Gurbani (Guru’s Word) says Khaalik Khalak Khalak mehi Khaalik (The Creation is in The Creator, The Creator is in The Creation) ; Pavan Guru Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat (Air is the Guru, Water the Father, and the Earth is the Great Mother). Gurbani also says that Water is the first living being through will all the life has emerged. 

We are made of 70-75% water, then how have never prioritised this connection? The Gurmat is not just some philosophical point of view, these are all based on facts but in order to know that, one must realise our roots by traveling within. We do share a very important relationship with all these natural elements on a very deeper, spiritual level. And I want to attempt to write stories that can hopefully be a reminder of even a very small part of that connection and values through different beings living with us.

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Here’s how you can help!

If you like the direction of this book and would like to help me achieve it here’s what you can do –

For Indian residents – the quickest and easiest way to fund this project is through Google Pay – I’m sharing my UPI Code !

For people outside India – Here’s a direct Paypal link – paypal.me/llGeeKayll !

Here’s another way – If you’d like to buy something – I have set up two online stores – one is on Redbubble and the on Society 6 . These are print on demand stores, so the designs remain unique and one of a kind. Since it’s not mass produced, it’s not heavy on the environment either. Due to lockdown in India, customers in India will be unable to place their orders till the lockdown is lifted but I’d still love for you to visit and check out the designs!

The store takes care of production and shipping, while I get paid for my artwork.

(New products will be added every two weeks)

This is another easiest and fastest way for people outside India – I have a Ko-fi page! for those who don’t know, the idea of a Ko-fi page is to help artists with ” a cup of coffee ” So basically, what one would spend on a cup or two of coffee can be donated to an independent artist 🙂 Click on the button below to go to my page and don’t forget to follow ♥️

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

If you can’t support financially, that’s okay too! Sharing this post and also my Instagram page helps a lot in reaching out to more people <3

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And that's that! Finished my final assignment for @paintable.cc course taught by @davidb.insta ✨ ▪️▪️▪️ The course presents you with a mock client/production house and you have mock briefs to choose from, with the understanding of which you design and paint a poster for them within the given deadlines. I chose Alice in Wonderland out of the options and this the version I wanted to go with. Alice is an Indian royal warrior and her strength is found in her compassion, kindness, leading her Kingdom and fighting for what's right. I took the main elements from the book and incorporated them in her appearance – a heart tikka (from the queen of hearts), a mushroom in her nose ring and a butterfly in her mehndi. In the book, flamingos are treated as objects and so I wanted to change the narrative and show Alice's connection to animals as one with respect and love. So the Flamingo remains by her side and she carries the other two elements – a pocket watch and talking flowers as her crown. She also has a heart patch around her eye to show their bond of compassion and kindness. To bring everything together, Cheshire Cat's magical puff of smoke and mist is in the background and a bit around Alice 🌺 . . . . . . . . . . . . #timesofgee #illustrateyourworld #illustrationfromimagination #sketchbookdrawing #procreatepainting #illustrationart #illustrationdrawing #digitalart #fantasyartwork #fantasycharacter #huionfeature #digitaldrawing #ipadpropainting #procreate #procreateart #wonderland #illustrationfromimagination #digitalartists #happyathome #visdev #ipadprocreate #visualdevelopment #ifijune2020 #characterdesign #characterart #fantasyart @procreate @photoshop @huiontablet

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I will begin to post updates about the book on my Instagram and Ko-fi Page and also here on the blog! Thank you for your time and support <3

See you soon!

Gee <3

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