A Surreal Flight – Our first colouring book for some love and light.

One of my favourite songs, for you! Happy listening and reading 🙂

For many of us, staying indoors is not that big of a deal specially if we’ve been working from home for a while. But for the rest, it definitely is a huge adjustment and can bring about anxiety and frustration. I’ve noticed this with some of my family and friends and realised there will be many many others going through the same feelings. I’m aware that I can’t bring about a huge change or impact for someone and bring them out of their troubles completely, but I do believe in the power of good intentions in small gestures. I believe there’s always a way to spread light and fill a moment with colours . What better medium than art for that!

So while I was feeling a little sad about not being able to launch my online store because of the lockdown, I decided to shift my focus to do something for the quarantined. And while contemplating the idea, I saw Guncha talk about something similar on her Instagram stories and so I decided to get in touch with her to ask her to create some magic together. If you haven’t seen her work on Instagram yet, you’re seriously missing out some very happy and visually pleasing work ❤ she paints various elements of Nature with her colours, using water paints to gouache paints and each one is more stunning than the other!!

We explain our reason to choose Bugs and Butterflies as our theme, in the book itself, but here I’d like to talk just a little more about it. For those who don’t know, I had a chronic illness for twelve years and had a miraculous recovery – blessed by my Dog – two years back, and now I derive most of my thoughts and understanding from those experiences. One thing I learned from Mr. Doughnut was the courage and strength to endure and move forward. And that’s what I did with him by my side then, and continue to do so with him in spirit now. In a time like today’s, I believe endurance is what we need to keep moving forward and make a new normal for ourselves.

While Guncha and I didn’t think of it at the time of deciding what we’d like to make for our first colouring book, we do believe that unknowingly we were in tune with what we were meant to offer for the current situation, in our own modest ways. And during one of our late night conversations about Nature and our work, we remembered one of my favourite quotes from an amazing book –

“Well, I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Download your colouring book here!

Click on the book cover and it’ll take you straight to its PDF!

And also, it takes endurance for a caterpillar to reach their butterfly stage too! With this emotion and a hope for a brighter tomorrow embedded in this project, we ask you to colour the pages with colours of your dreams and desires ❤ If Butterflies didn’t manage to convince you to embrace a new perspective, listen to the Dragonflies for sure because they’ve been on this planet for about 300 million years, imagine the wisdom!

We also ask you to take a moment to slow down and appreciate the good and those little beings in life. We welcome you to celebrate them with us through art.
The world needs love and happiness everyday, and more so now, and so do you and those around you. Guncha and I believe that when you go deep into art, it takes you to a place that is far away from the evil and darkness that comes a little before the light in life. We ask you to join us in practicing mindfulness and use your colours to identify and release any emotions that you’ve been holding inside. Guncha loves the saying she read somewhere that sometimes an artfully-created fiction is better than the actual truth.

And with this, we present you our work and our book ready to be filled in with your colours and give you some light!

Click on the book cover above and it’ll take you straight to its PDF!

Instructions to use the colouring pages for both traditional and digital media are mentioned in the book!

Painted using Gouache paints on watercolour paper!

There’s more to come, so stay tuned! We can’t wait to see you fill these pages in with colours so please share them with us here and/or on Instagram tagging us both – @gunchakoi and @llgeekayartll – with #gunchaXgee and also stand a chance to win some exciting gifts from us at the end of the month or the lockdown!

For all those who can’t access the colouring pages either digitally or as print outs, but are looking for something fun and light, we have something coming up for you very soon too 😀

You appreciated my first book project, I hope you enjoy this one too!
Thank you for always supporting ❤

See you in my next one.

Guncha & Gee ❤

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