My Sketchbook Collection Ft. Eyes!

Hey there! Like I promised in my first post under the Sketchbook Collection Series, I’m here with a more specific one. In today’s post, I’d like to share how I study and practice sketching eyes. I love looking at paintings or art pieces on eyes, just LOVE! And every time I look at one of those, I always wish to get better at my own skills of drawing and painting the subject.

In order to do that, I obviously have to study and get good at drawing them! And that’s what I wanted to share. What I’ve learnt in classes, my first proper eye drawing both traditionally and digitally, how I practice and then a finished painting I made 😀

If you saw my previous post, you would’ve seen my first few portraits that I ever sketched and of course I did sketch eyes in them too. So technically, that was the first time I drew eyes but I want to share the process of when I drew just them as my subject. And that was sometime in 2019, for an online class assignment.

So in this, we had the instructor’s video to follow and draw but most of us were without any prior knowledge or skill to draw an eye. But that was the idea, it was the first assignment so we’ll have something to look back on when we finish the course with the same assignment as our last. Makes sense? makes sense!

(I thought I’ll play some music for you guys, while you read through!)

So that was my first attempt and at the time I was extremely proud of it! Not that I’m not proud of it now, but now I have a teenie bit more practice and I can see where what’s wrong, know what I mean?

I sketched this one digitally after a few practices on paper – and it’s still my favourite!

I lost touch with practicing eyes for a while in between, since I was focusing on other subjects around that time so I was already getting rusty by the time I resumed. I resumed with another class assignment but this time it was for digital painting. Which is something I really needed, I’m still not good with painting skin and stuff digitally. But here you go –

And yes, I was proud of it at the moment too but now I know the areas to improve. So I did some more studies!

You can see the initial guidelines I use to draw the eye’s direction and shape.

Here’s a time-lapse, for you!

Going a bit off topic to come back right to it, with the Corona scare everyone’s been advised to stay indoors and work from home. That’s something I’ve been doing for ages, so for me, it’s not much of an adjustment. But I decided to change one thing about the way I work though. Whenever I’m unwell, which now is mainly because of my PCOD, PMS/PMDD I switch to my rest mode and don’t do much work. Well, actually, most of the time I don’t really have a choice because I’ll be low, moody, nauseous and in pain through out. But there are some days that are easier to take, and on days like those, I work from a comfortable place – my bed or a couch – and just do some simpler things. Practice, or watch videos to gain knowledge, but just show up and do something.

But on days that are too tough to function, rest comes first!

And now I’d like to share a finished painting process! You must’ve seen this piece here before or even on my IG but here’s a slightly longer process video than the usual 30 seconds ones.

And that’s that! More studies to come on my Instagram soon 😀

Let me know what would you like to see from my sketchbook next? ❤

In case you missed my stories, I’m launching a redbubble shop soon with most of my art pieces and surface patterns! This is in order to help sustain myself while I research for my story, write and illustrate it! It’s a lot of work, guys 😛
For more details, follow me on social media (links below)

Thank you for your time!

See you in my next one.


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