A new journey and a sketchbook collection.

It has been quite sometime since I started studying art in a quest to eventually make a career of it. It’s funny how life really works, you know. I remember when we were figuring out my academic route, I wanted to study animation but because of the kind of health I was living with at the time, my dominant arm pretty much stopped working and I couldn’t even hold a pencil let alone draw anything.
And so, any hope of being an artist was pushed aside. But, fortunately, a huge part of it was fulfilled when INARA happened. A different form of art than I intended but art nonetheless! If you haven’t been following me since before, Inara was a brand I launched under my company House of Gee where I designed, manufactured and retailed shoes and bags. Here are a few designs:

It’s even funnier when we get stuck in our problems, pushing ourselves into an area of ungratefulness, during which the energies within and around us are working to align with those of the Universe making miracles happen! – (Yup, I believe in it all. Having lived and experienced it, it’ll be foolish not to, right?)

And now that I can hold a pencil everyday, I decided to keep at it. The moment I realised that I got another chance with health, I decided it’s time to go back to my passion and learn the skills! And it’s something which I’d like to document here in my online journal! I should’ve started doing this the day I made my switch to art, but I was just going through an awful lot of things and regular life was overwhelming enough. But here we are now! I plan on making it as authentic as I can, I want to share my class work, research, readings, art studies, sketches, mistakes and things I’m not good at, and of course some final pieces. If you’re not aware, I’m also attempting to write my first illustrated story (basically my first story ever) and I’d love to share the process and obstacles on the way! Also, for this purpose, I recently enrolled in some writing classes too. So a lot of stuff to document and I hope you’ll join me in this little journey of mine.

Today, however, I’d like to just share a collection of portraits I have sketched or painted so far. Not the process for now, I have another post coming up for that, but sort of an overview to see how far along I’ve come in terms of portraits. Faces, features, anatomy is something that really intimidates me and I have to put in a lot more effort to just get the basics right. So this will be more of a sketchbook collection of portraits and fashion illustrations, if you will.

Let’s have a look!

Starting with these that I did in 2014/2015

Moving on to March, 2018 and onwards!

Here’s 2019 –

That’s all the sketchbook pages I have for now! I’ll share some studies I do as regularly as I can, in my upcoming posts, along with my painting process 😀

I’d love to know what’s your favourite art form – sketching, painting, writing, creating..? Feel free to share some work in the comments below! ❤

There’s more on my Instagram page! Have a look 🙂

Excited to share more with you! Stay tuned for some bookish things as well!
Thank you, see you in my next one.


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4 thoughts on “A new journey and a sketchbook collection.

  1. You have improved so much over the years!! I hope you keep doing what you love and i hope you receive lots of love from everywhere!!


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