End of The Year Gift Guide | Day 5 |Land of Colours & Art

Hello hello! Today’s another exciting artsy day and we have an artist with us who’d like to share her pieces as a gift option! In case you missed out our first art gift – you can check it out here!

Let’s get started.

I came across her work while browsing Etsy and found these free-flowing and beautiful abstract prints in ink and I chose two of my favourite pieces for you guys! 

Let’s say hi to Menka Desai and have a look at these prints, shall we? 

Olive green – a strong, bold and at the same time a very soothing colour. Available Here

“I am an Architect/Artist and a small business owner, currently living in Mumbai, India. I recently moved here after studying and staying in New York city for almost three years while making the switch from Architecture to being  a full-time Artist.

Starting as an Architect gave me the insight for a good composition, whether it is on paper, space or imagination. Taking that to a step further, I have been striving to achieve a pure balance between colors, medium and intuition. Trying out new techniques is more than just a curiosity and fulfilling the challenge of ‘A painting a day’ is more than just an objective.

I am the face behind the small local shop called ‘Mantis Shrimp Monocles’. I launched this business earlier this year and have been working day and night for making it a small success. Participating in the local art fairs, selling artwork on the virtual platforms and developing a stronger social connect to get acquainted with a larger crowd are one of the many other things I do to serve my thriving shop.”

I’d love to have a lavender scented candle right next to it! Available Here

And that’s the artist behind these abstract pieces 😀 

I think these two make lovely gifts for pretty much any celebratory occasion and should go with almost any colour scheme. The links to these prints are in their captions, have a look! 

Thank you for joining us, Menka! It was very pleasant talking to you and can’t wait to see more of your creations! 

I’d love to hear from y’all if you gift these to someone or to yourself 😀 Don’t forget to mention us! 

Thank you for dropping by!


Ps. The theme picture isn’t my own. I found it while browsing winter images on Google.

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