End of The Year Gift Guide | Day 4 | Land of Books

Hey there again! Today is for another bookish gift idea and from one of my dearest, closest friends! I met her on Instagram (or bookstagram) and since then we’ve been talking almost everyday! Say hello to Maitreyi from The Bewitched Bibliomaniac!   – 
A psychologist, a reader and most recently a social entrepreneur.

I haven’t yet read the book she wants to share with you today but I’ve heard great things. And she’s also picked something that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t read avidly or someone who reads only a few books a month or year. If you’re that someone or knows someone alike, this pick is perfect and here’s why. 

Take it away, Maitreyi! 

Available Here

“This book was something I read when I was feeling pretty low. I quickly realised Ait’s going to make me laugh out loud, which rarely happens!

I’ve been recommending it to almost everyone I know because it’s just such an amazingly sarcastic, creative book with such intelligent writing and humor that you wouldn’t want to put it down. Give it to a non-reader and I assure you, they will enjoy it!”

I just checked on my Goodreads, and I’ve marked it as want to read for a while now. Can’t wait to pick it up! Thank you, Maitreyi ❤

Know anyone you think will enjoy reading it? Gift it to them and don’t forget to let us know 😀 
And if you’ve read it, do share your spoiler-free thoughts with us. 

Thank you for dropping by!


Ps. The theme picture isn’t my own. I found it while browsing winter images on Google.

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