End of The Year Gift Guide |Day 3 | Land of All Things Cruelty-Free

Welcome back! Life the gift list, so far? 🙂 Let’s see what in for today, shall we! 

When I started designing and selling shoes, I started out with an appreciation for leather because it was what was more accessible, not available for the market gap and I understood it to be of higher quality. All this, because I was oblivious to what really goes behind the scenes. I knew there was some sort of ending of life but I always thought it would be painless – naïve and ignorant? Perhaps. But things started to change when I started understanding something from Mr. Doughnut and the first change I brought about was to be a vegetarian. It’s been a few years since that happened but I knew I had to understand more and change more. And then from some situation or the other, I started to know about Veganism. Eventually, I understood it as not just a diet but a way of living. It’s been almost 7 months since I’ve been a vegan and brought about a lifestyle change. Things have honestly been really great since, a better life. With me, my brand changed too. I designed a cruelty-free bag collection. And that’s how I look at Fashion now – it only exists for me as cruelty-free, everything else doesn’t belong in my life. 

So today, I share with you a winter essential – something that hasn’t harmed the environment or spoiled any innocent lives!  Makes it a perfect and a lovely gift for your dearies! 

Gloves, people! A fine fashion accessory. They keep your hands warm and have the potential to add a little extra to your outfit but only if you have the right pair. 

Ladies, let’s start with you first! I’ll have a separate post for gifts for Men 🙂

A classic black Faux-leather pair with a classic stitch pattern! Goes well and will dress up pretty much any outfit 🙂 Available Here
A pair of black fine velvets – to go with something you’d like to add a little dainty-ness to your outfit. Available Here

For a pop of colour – some mittens! BTW, in case you haven’t noticed on my Instagram, Yellow and many shades of it is my favourite colour now. Available Here

And here we have a touch of classic black and bold faux-fur! Available Here

Ever wanted to keep your hands warm in gloves and be able to use your phone at the same time? Asos has something for you that lets you do exactly that! And, it’s recycled polyester! Available Here

There you go! Classic and simple picks, you wouldn’t have to worry about who’d like which colour because these are the most attractive at the moment. If you do decide to gift any of these to someone, or even yourself, do let me know 😀 I can already think of so many outfits! 

Thank you for dropping by! 


Ps. The theme picture isn’t my own. I found it while browsing winter images on Google.

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