End of The Year Gift Guide | Day 2 | Land of Colours & Art

Hey there! Welcome to the second day of this very light & breezy gift guide πŸ˜€ 
Many of you liked Day 1 as per your messages on Instagram and so today, I’m even more excited!

Today, I want to share something from the world of Art. Now I know that every creation and creative is art and an artist respectively – Books, Fashion and all that lovely shiz. But these artsy gifts can also be  essentially products made out of some or the other artists’ traditional and/or digital paintings! In the future posts, I may have some artists joining us with their work but let’s keep that aside for a moment and see what’s in today. 

Today is more for those who need a chance to fill in a canvas for themselves. I’ve brought together very easy, beginner-friendly art supply sets for anyone who needs a break from all the almost inevitable stress in their lives and just soothe their souls!Β 

  1. Watercolour set! 
Some round brushes to unleash your creativity! Available here
water cakes are perfect for beginners to have some fun with! You can also opt for tubes instead of cakes. Available here
And of course a canvas to express on! Available here

These supplies are best suited for a casual painting day/hobby and not so much for professional artists.

2. Acrylic Paint set! 

Acrylic Paints are a little smoother in texture than water paints but dry up quick too. Available here
Round brushes work well with these paints but you could opt for flat ones too. However, to enjoy acrylic paints to the best of  their therapeutic abilities I’d suggest you ditch the brushes and paint with your fingers! 
Brush/Finger painting with acrylic paints will best go with a pre-prepared canvas board. Available here

These supplies are best suited for a casual painting day/hobby and not so much for professional artists.

In case you’re wondering what an art set could possibly do for anyone apart from children here you go –Β 
“Recent research on visual art has focused on its psychological and physiological effects, mostly in clinical populations. It has shown that visual art interventions have stabilizing effects on the individual by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection and self-awareness, altering behaviour and thinking patterns, and also by normalizing heart rate, blood pressure, or even cortisol levels”Β (Source)

Hope you like it! πŸ˜€

Thank you for dropping by!


Ps. The theme picture isn’t my own. I found it while browsing winter images on Google.

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