My first Inktober and My Second+Third Week – Studying Art & A Collection of Books I read.

Hey! I’m back with some more Inktober fun!
This time, with some bookish goodness too.

So this week, I didn’t make enough art pieces that I could share online because this week I decided to study and practice different  forms of illustration from comic books and graphic novels. Since it was completely done from other artists’ works, I didn’t think it right to share online and call it a skill as such. Know what I mean, right?
I’m happy that I’ve been able to keep up with Inktober and it’s okay if I can’t share some of it on the internet.

In this blog, I thought that since I don’t have enough art to show you I would walk you through the books I read throughout the Inktober so far 😀

Let’s start with books or audiobooks read in Week 1, shall we?

While I worked on the first two prompts, I started listening to an audiobook called Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. I haven’t finished it yet because it’s way to graphic in its description and a really difficult story to follow due to its content. It’s a story about two young sisters who, though promised freedom on their owner’s death, get stuck in a tragic twist and are now sold to a not so pleasant couple. It’s a story about how the elder sister is now on a mission to free her baby sister and herself from the kind of life they’ve been forced to live. I had to stop listening to it mid way because I couldn’t take more of what happens in the story. I do intend to finish it sooner than later because it’s written with a grace that stories like such deserve. A Historical fiction, it could become one of my favourites but I’m not sure I’m ready to continue reading it just yet.


In search of a new audiobook I picked, A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern. I do have a physical copy of it and I really want to read it soon because it has such an interesting concept but unfortunately the audiobook wasn’t done all that well. The narration wasn’t gripping enough and I just couldn’t enjoy it and hence dropped this one too. But I most definitely pick the physical copy to read soon!



I really think it’ll be one of those very funny and warm bedtime sort of a read ❤

Moving on.. Sometime around Day 3 I picked up a physical read (tired of searching for a fitting audiobook). It’s a non-fiction called The Sewing Circles of Herat by Christina Lamb. It’s about the author’s journey to and in Afghanistan during Soviet rule and after 9/11. I’m still not entirely sure how, but she managed to sit with some of the earlier Talibs and share their accounts and stories probably to give the world a clarity as to what compelled militancy to overtake the once extremely beautiful country. As of today, I’m almost done and I’ll probably update on my Instagram as soon as I finish reading it. Again, not really an easy book to read because of the accounts shared but somehow non-fiction manages to tone down the impact it has on the reader’s mind and emotions.


In between, I was on a short trip to Delhi with my friend and I didn’t get any reading done. In fact, I completed inktober pieces for the days I missed after I came back – all in a day 😀

Here goes my Day 8 piece, using the official prompt Star, and the audiobook I started listening to:


This piece has a very special story attached to it and I also did a little post about it on Instagram. When my brother told one of his friends about what Mr. Doughnut did for me, she decided to get a star named after him. It’s the best thing anyone has done for the both of us despite the fact that we’ve never met ❤

2018-03-09 13.03.05

Around this time, when I completed my Day 6, Day 7, 8 & 9, I was listening to an audiobook called The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes (recommended by Apurva) and it was such a delightful and short story. It’s amazing how some stories remain alive and relatable even years and years after it was written! Meant for children, It’s definitely a must read for adults and specially parents and teachers.


Since The Hundred Dresses was only a couple of hours long, I started a new audiobook (about which I’d like to talk about in a separate blog) called The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. This was my second book by the author – the first one being A Monster Calls which I loved! – a very different concept, really well put together and definitely thought provoking.


For Day 9, I chose Ice Cream as the prompt from Furry Little Peach’s list and I obviously I made a vegan coconut ice cream sundae 😀


I combined Day 10 & 11 to work on another fashion Illustration! This particular design from Masaba Gupta’s latest collection and I came across Swara Bhaskar’s photoshoot on Instagram and selected one of those to sketch!
SketchAround this time, I finished reading my first ever book by Neil Gaimen – The Graveyard Book – and I absolutely loved it! It was a book I read with my best friend, we took it slow according to our schedules and it was such a joy to experience Nobody Owens story! I also finished re-reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and it’s such a delight reading form the illustrated edition ❤


And today, as I write this, I’ve finished my Inktober print piece for Day 17 & 18. I don’t think it makes enough sense to share the previous pieces because like I said, those are mainly studies and not my original work.


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come up with any original artwork for the rest of this week, because I will be focusing more on my art assignments and work. But the idea of one sketch a day will continue without a doubt! 

Let me know if you participated in Inktober, I’d love to see the artwork! And also, if you’ve read any of the above mentioned books, share your thoughts on them if you have or if they are on your TBR! I hope you liked the blog post, will see you in my next one 😀

Thank you for stopping by!


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