My First Inktober and My First Week!

Hey there! I’ve really gotten myself into the world of art and colours lately, haven’t I? I’ve made a lot of new decisions in the past couple of months with a lot of doors and opportunities now open for me – all thanks to Mr. Doughnut!
And a major bit of it is related to art and creativity.

Because I’ve never had an academic background to art, its studies and even fashion designing and because what I’ve decided for myself requires a bit of basic and also some core understanding of it all, I’ve enrolled myself in some online classes learning fundamentals and enhancing my skills! Thereby, I take whichever chance and opportunity I get to practice and open my mind to imagination and creation. Hence, Inktober!

Most of you, specially if you’ve done inktober before, must’ve already guessed that I’m taking Inktober my way and not exactly as its official rule list. Since it isn’t really a competition and everyone uses it to practice and get better at what they’re good with or challenge themselves to move out of their comfort zone – I’m doing a bit of both. I need a lot of time to experiment with my skills and creative understanding and Inktober is great for that!

And now let’s have a look at the first week of my inktober pieces, shall we? 😀

I’ve mixed and match prompts to fit my needs and also introduced a few of my own but the first one is definitely from the official list –





I explain how and why did I come up with this piece that speaks Poison for me in the audio linked below. I thought It’ll be better to have a conversation of sorts where you could hear me talk you through my artwork of this week and hear your thoughts and opinions too! Feel free to send me video/voice messages on Instagram or simply comment down below 😀



Mr. Doughnut, Always ❤


3. KEY


Explaining thoughts behind this piece in the audio but I just wanted to say it here that one of the many amazing things I learnt from Mr. Doughnut is to be friends with yourself before anything else. If you can’t keep yourself happy, respect yourself and be kind.. you will have a tough time being that way with everyone else. There definitely is a fine line between this and being self-obsessed and selfish. So these emotions need to come from their purest and kindest forms.



I decided to combine these two days to be able to complete this illustration. I’m studying fabrics and layering and folds – this is one of the ways I do it. I browse through images on Instagram – preferably fashion photoshoots – and study illustrating referring them. I’m yet to get better at human anatomy, a lot of mistakes in this one in terms of body structure but who’s to say what’s normal, right? I mean, I have a curve in my backbone, living with it for all these years seems pretty normal to me. Some people have two thumbs.. normal again!
This one’s a design from Raw Mango and I found their Heer collection absolutely stunning! I didn’t have anything specific to talk about this because it’s more of a study/practice than an original art design so I decided not to have an audio to it. But! here’s a snippet from my drawing process (adding the base layer of solid colours) –





This, too, isn’t from the official prompt list. Another illustrator and artist on YouTube and Instagram – Kendyll Hillegas – introduced her own list based on fruits and veggies since she’s a food illustrator (and an amazing one). Since I’ve never really drawn fruits (maybe just an apple) as such and barely any veggies ever, I thought it’ll be a good way to study some subtle textures and natural colour gradient! I wanted to make the seeds seem a little realistic but I don’t own any fine brushes yet. But I had a lot of fun doing this and I also challenged myself to use water colours and water colour pencils because they’re way out of my comfort zone. Send some real time images of fruits or veggies or food around you? I’ll start studying from the images! Think of all the prints I’ll be able to design once I get better at sketching them 😀



(Audio correction – *everybody is)

So that’s it for week 1! Let me know if you liked this blog, I hope I made it interesting enough for anyone who isn’t into art as this and anyone who isn’t part of the inktober too! 🙂 Share your thoughts about this and all the audio links, if you like, in the comment section below and I’ll be back with a new post soon 😀

Thank you for stopping by!



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3 thoughts on “My First Inktober and My First Week!

  1. Your blogs always inspire me a lot. Coming to the paintings, I like every single masterpiece you’ve made.
    I pray to God for your good health. Stay healthy, stay fit, stay positive.


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