My Top 5 Colours This Summer!

Colours are known to have various effects on us mentally and emotionally. A colour that speaks to you can actually change your day and uplift your mood and a colour that you abhor does have the opposite impact.
My choices and taste in colours change from time to time depending on a lot of factors. But there are some that have managed to stay longer than the others and I love seeing them in different fields of life.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.” 
– John Ruskin.

So this is where I share my love of colours with you and a happy mood board for each of them. Keeping these colours in mind and pretty much right in front of me, I’d like to come up different sketches and illustrations so stay tuned for that 😀

1. Ruby wine.
Now this may seem like a winter tone but I absolutely love the boldness and depth of it!

2. Cashmere Rose. 
There’s so much strength in the subtly and sweetness of this shade. A cool summer drink on the beach and a warm furry blanket for winters!


3. Mimosa.
Oh Nature! Beautiful, happy nature!

Sketch34.  Biscay Bay. 
The life unknown and yet endangered. The calm and the storm.


5. Glacier Gray.
A calm solitude and a blissful soul.


Can’t wait to design, sketch and paint with these amazing shades! 😀 

Are any of these your fave too? Let me know your top 5 colours and share anything that carries them in its design!

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