Dear Diary | 8 August, 2018 | The One Where I Take The Day Off, Listen To Mr. Doughnut and Read 5 Books!

I don’t think I have much to share with you about my day today. I decided to take an off from work and just relax my mind.

I’m fine physically but today I realised I’ve really exhausted my mind and brain. All these days, there’s been a lot I’ve had to do. With building a website – right from the photoshoot to uploading content to marketing it – and now working on the sales which again requires a lot of social media work and a lot of spreading awareness. All this when I’m already emotionally dealing with a lot of things – mainly losing Mr. Doughnut. It’s his birthday month right now and I realised it later that I automatically resumed blogging and reading this month itself. I believe he wanted me to do and told me so.

It’ll be very foolish of me, after experiencing how he healed me of a 12 year-long illness, not to believe that the direction my life is taking now and all the thoughts and ideas I’m getting about what to do next and my future is basically him guiding me through it. I didn’t even know something like textile surface designing was actually a thing when I suddenly noticed my interest in it. And this is just one example.

I miss him everyday, it’s really difficult functioning without the fur ball of happiness around me. Nothing’s really easy now but I know I’m not going disappoint him. So I’m trying to make my life and days as good as possible.

Which also means self-care and realising when to stop and breathe. Today’s for that. Except for a few posts here and there, I’ve decided not to think about work and what to do next. I’m going to chill in bed, read the way I used to (like a crazy nerd) and just do pretty much anything that will help me relax!

I’ll be buddy reading Nevernight by Jay Kristoff with a bunch of bloggers. Julie, from Pages and Pens, is hosting the read along and it’s going to be fun. It’s to start tomorrow though but I didn’t think I’d get any time today and so well I just started! I’m trying to vlog it but I’m not sure if I’ll upload it but let’s see! Writing about it right now, I think I can actually blog about my reading process here 🤭

What a fun thought! I’m excited now and I just felt my brain release some happy chemicals 🙈

Today’s blog can be all about my reading process (I’m reading 5 books btw!) 🤓



I’ve reached the part where Lockhart removed Harry’s bones from the arm that got hurt during the Quidditch Match, Dobby came to visit him in the hospital wing, and when Dumbledore and McGonagall brought in Colin after he got petrified.

Not sure what the page number is though!






The History of Bees by Maja Lunde is a really interesting and important but an extremely slow-paced read! So I’m reading it slow too. A chapter or few a day.

I suppose I’m on Page 156.








Started reading this (a day in advance) for the buddy read!

“You’ll be a rumor. A whisper. The thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the nevernight. The last thing you will ever be, girl, is someone’s hero.”

Done reading 2 chapters. It’s a lot to take in.







Didn’t finish the second short story yet. I enjoying reading it but I’m not really that hooked to it. It’s like a backdrop read, maybe? But a good one.

“Never give up because you never know what the tide will bring in the next day.”








Listening to it as I’m writing this and it’s almost done! What a warm little read, such a cute story! And it has the cutest dog!!

And I love so many quotes from it!

“A wish is many things. It is apprehension and anticipation. It is lucky coins and dandelion fluff and rainbows stretching to forever. It is loves-me after love-me-nots and a pile of plucked flower petals at your feet. It’s purple bikes and getting picked first and a passing grade in math. It’s the marvellous and the miraculous. It’s hunger and heartache. A wish is something extraordinary that you never hoped to have.
Or something very ordinary that most people take for granted.”

“Of course, just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If anything, that just makes it harder when you’re suddenly face-to-face with it.”


And that’s it for today!! Apart from reading a bit of all these books and my art class, we watched Julie & Julia (Again) and now I’ll read more and hit the sheets.

Before I go, here’s a little something about my baby boy.


When I had photosensitivity, some days would get so awfully difficult for my eyes that I had to wear sunglasses inside the house. Light would sting, making my eyes go puffy and swollen, and I had difficulty seeing things properly. It definitely affected my mood too but seeing this little boy and having him around always helped. I didn’t know that he knew. I mean, I know he was aware of when I’d be in pain before I’d even react to it and many times at night, when I’d wake up in pain, I found him sitting next to me awake and just letting me know that I’ll be okay.
That’s how I had the happiest 7 years of my life in 12 years of illness.
I didn’t know he planned on healing me. I didn’t know that he’d decided to breathe a new life, a healthy life, into my body when he took his last. It’s been 5 months now and I haven’t had to wear glasses to be able to see in light. That’s just one thing amongst various others my Golden boy cured me of. Now – I wear sunglasses, outside the house, to accessorize my outfit. And sometimes I wear my glasses – that I had for photosensitivity – only because they lie around without a purpose anymore and they’re pretty good at accessorising any outfit too. I got my health back but I lost a big part of myself in the same moment. But I always feel happy knowing that he’s not in pain anymore too. If you ask me what’s that one thing I never start my day without, it’ll always be those 7 years I got to spend with the purest soul there is. August is Mr. Doughnut’s birthday month and what I didn’t realise until last night was that I automatically resumed blogging and reading (like I used to) without a hesitation. I’m sure he has something to do with that too. Thank you, Doughie. I love you ❤ .

Talk to you soon.

Love, Gee.
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