Dear Diary | 7 August, 2018 | The One Where I Want A Change.

Do you ever find yourself sitting away from everyone and just wondering where the world is going and how much time we’ve wasted already? The amount of effort put in putting one gender down than the other, in not accepting there are more genders than just the two, in disgracing one community or class, in destroying our nature in the name of advancing, in killing animals who weren’t meant for us in the first place, in killing or disowning each other because you feel your religion and God is threatened?

It really could’ve been a happier place. I’d like to make it one.. as much as possible.

Whenever I think about and try to feel what I used to when my dog was around, how he changed me and my life and pretty much continues to do so now too.. I always notice how he and various other animals don’t care about any of this. They don’t care about genders, disabilities, religions, class and caste, or anything like such. All they care about us helping someone, making it better for someone, working towards what you really want and need, most importantly about unconditional love. They don’t care if you don’t think like them or follow their school of thought, they won’t disown you for that. On the contrary, they’d actually love you even more for being who you are. It doesn’t matter to them which religion you were born into, they just care about you being kind and caring and loving to yourself, them and others. They just want to run around and play!

And well, I’m not sure about you but that’s how it’s going to be for me. My Golden Retriever gave me another chance to live and I’m not wasting it stressing over in following all these not so important things but rather changing them in whichever way I can.

So I start with myself.

But, for now, here is what today looks like..

8:30 AM: The day starts with a vegan breakfast and simultaneously making some progress in my reading. Oh btw! I finished reading A Sari Shop last night, not sure how I feel about it yet.

If you’re wondering what made me think of everything I mentioned above, The History of Bees sparked a little something in la mind. And also this new audiobook I’m listening to during my art classes – Granted by John Anderson – it’s a middle grade story but I’m sure a lot of adults need to listen to it. And! A bit of Zootopia!

10:30 AM: art class!

1:27 PM: Getting straight to work today. The photoshoot and editing was way better than yesterday, however I still need more to be able to prepare a full and a really interesting post. Started planning things so let’s see how it goes!

In case you aren’t aware, I’ve launched a collection on cruelty-free bags under my brand Inara. If you’ve been following my work, you’d know that we were initially an all leather brand but with me turning a vegetarian about 2-3 years back and then a vegan 5 months back, my brand got a new vision too. With a vegan diet, I’m now aiming at adopting a complete vegan lifestyle – which will be nice and slow.

6:58 PM: I am exhausted now and I’ve been working with a headache. It’s time to pick a book and lie on a couch!

My currently reading pile has Harry Potter#2 illustrated edition, The History of Bees by M. Lunde, I’ve just started with another short story from the Uncommon Type collection by Tom Hanks and I listen to Granted’s audiobook in the morning 🤓

Bag Available:

It’s 9:38 PM now and that’s about it for my day. I’ll workout for a bit and then get ready for bed which also means more reading and some youtube videos.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Gee.diary entry doodle5

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