Dear Diary | 6 August, 2018 | The One Where I Try.

7:00 AM: Now that I’ve finally managed to get up early and fresh, the weather’s so nice that all I can think of is snuggling and sleep in!

8.30 AM: Reminded myself to be an adult and quit lazying around. So I grab one of my current reads to freshen myself up.

10.32 AM: Reaching my art class in a bit and it’s probably the only thing I look forward to everyday now. Last night, I thought about what would I like to sketch during the class and because I’ve been practicing floral and botanical illustrations, I was sure I wanted it to be a flower arrangement of sorts. For some reason, I could just keep hearing Hannah Gadsby’s voice in my head saying Sunflowers! Sunflowers! 🤭 (If you haven’t yet seen Nanette on Netflix, I suggest you stop reading this for now and watch the show. It’s a life lesson.)

It’s now 2:26 PM.. Had lunch and lazed around a little. I’ll be clicking some images to create content for my work blog in a while (once it stops raining) so till then, because the weather’s so good, I’ll read for a bit 🤓

I’ve started four books, I suppose, but I’m mostly interested in Harry Potter #2 and also the audiobook I listen to during my art class.

After I lost Doughie, it’s been difficult to do pretty much anything. I haven’t really been enjoying work or I’m not as interested in any activities that I used to do. Took me a while to get back to reading, I’m still not there. But I should’ve known re-reading Harry Potter will help me bring back some interest in books because that’s the main one that I used to read out loud to my pooch and he’d love listening to it. It’s a book that’s helped him sleep calmly during thunderstorms (scared him a lot) and that’s what has made it more special.

I’ll start reading and then get to work in sometime!

A couple of chapters, phone calls, replying to work messages etc later.. I’m now going to set up my work desk and get my facebook shop ready and also click some images!

8:56 PM: it was a semi productive day in terms of work. My work page on Facebook (Inara by House of Gee) is taking shape now and I’m setting up the shop too. Photoshoot was successful but the editing not so much, so I may have to redo a lot tomorrow.

Finished listening to How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran and I’ve shared a little about it on my Instagram

And that’s pretty much it! I’ll get back to reading Harry Potter and then hit the sheets.

I’m not sure if I’ll be as regular in my Diary enteries as I was before, but I’ll try my best! My days aren’t that interesting or fun without Mr. Doughnut but I’m trying to make them as productive as I can now.

Talk to you soon.


Thank you, Doughie ❤

Love, Gee.

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