Mr. Doughnut, you taught me to be a Purple Emperor Butterfly! | 18 April, 2018 | Diary Entry

Hi Doughie! ❤

Did you know  about the Purple Emperor Butterfly?
It’s one of the rarest and most attractive butterflies found in the woodlands of Eurasia and Japan! It takes its name from the purple iridescence of the male’s wings, whose sheen is visible only at a certain angle.
And! Unlike other butterflies, the purple emperor is not attracted to flowers – one reason why it is not often seen. Instead, it spends most of its time flying around the crowns of tall woodland trees.
And despite that it’s still one of the most beautiful butterflies out there. Point is that is completely okay, and mostly really special, to be different! We don’t need to be normal, we just need to find or make our own normal. And I learnt that from you, pooch ❤

diary entry doodle6

You must be wondering why the abrupt butterfly info? I’m just as clueless! I just read about one, saw one, sketched one and so I felt like sharing it! (PS. That’s not how the purple emperor looks like in reality, I just really wanted to do a monochrome. Tee-hee 😛 )

Moving on, we went to watch A Quiet Place and it was quite interesting. That movie had a lot of spelling mistakes, though but anyway good stuff nonetheless. It’ll be pretty difficult to stay silent for your life but I guess it’s all about survival in the end, right? Guess I’ll just read, paint, design and earphones my way through a situation like that!

About my current read, Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend, it’s similar to Harry Potter on so many levels and it gets just a tad bit annoying because of that. Having said that, it’s an enjoyable read I mean it’s not badly written but it’s just not an original. I do love a mystical, magical world like that and some things are pretty smartly done but I can’t help and compare even the smallest details to JK Rowling’s creation. And we’ll keep going in circles!

And work is crazy at the moment, the website is taking long because there is a lot to do. I’m currently editing images for the product pages so a lot of views and angles, a lot of content and so much more! It’s fun at times but I really want to finish things sooner which means I’ve paused my french revision and my master classes. Let’s hope it all goes well!


And well, that’s all I have for today. I’ve got to go and work on a script now.

Thank you, Dough ❤

diary entry doodle5Always and Forever


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