Mr. Doughnut, it was all about veganism and a sleepover | 14 & 15 April, 2018

Hi Doughie

I miss you!

7:11 AM: It’s time to hit the gym again!
I’ve been feeling much better with all the exercising and workout. Surprisingly, I’ve started to enjoy early mornings!
So today apart from cardio, the trainer got me to lift some weights and you know I’ve barely used my right arm to lift a pen in so long.. but I lifted 3 KGs! That’s a big deal, right? High 5, Doughie ❤

diary entry doodle2 (2).jpg

8:15 AM: Came back home, got dressed, had breakfast and it was time to read. I’ve been enjoying Nevermoor, so far. I actually started reading a lot about curses and ancient superstitions much like the modern ones today of how God will judge you on the basis of your determination towards a religion than the whole of humanity, living kind, peace and harmony!
I wish I could manage more time to read but making a website is the most time consuming activity I have on the schedule right now.
Once the product page is done, there are logistics and whole lot of things to take care of.

diary entry doodle3

So for Lunch, my friend and I went to a Vegan food fest held in the city which was umm, well I don’t know how to put it.. barely there? And hence instead, we went to our favourite Gluten-free and Vegan restaurant- Aja! I had the yummiest Gluten-free sandwich and Gluten-free and vegan dessert – Hot chocolate fudge brownie with warm sauce and blueberries!

diary entry doodle4 (2).jpg SO I’ve been reading a little about veganism and the myths that surround the whole concept of a balanced diet, and here’s something (American based research):

Why eat a “balanced diet” when half your food is making you fat and sick?
“Leaving out an entire food group is bad for you. You really should be eating a balanced diet!”
A brief history of that lie:  
Back in 1977, Senator George McGovern set in motion the official dietary guidelines for the United States based on flawed research studies conducted by Dr. Ancel Keys. From this, the misguided and unsubstantiated “food pyramid” was born, and it stuck. In spite of the fact that hundreds of studies have been conducted since disproving it’s validity, this misinformation is still taught in schools today and regarded by most as fact. As a result, over the course of the past three decades, this junk science has lead our country into the midst of an obesity epidemic.  

There’s still a lot I need to understand for myself, and will share the information as and when I do.

Coming back to the day, It was so hot outside that by the time I reached home, I was all grumpy, snappy and exhausted! But I got straight to work because I can’t wait to get over with the not-so-interesting bit. So that’s what I did!

I couldn’t complete the blog because I got really busy and I really wanted to go for a run after an early dinner. Also, Spriha and Pia came over for the night and well you know how crazy things can get don’t you, Doughie? :p


Well, then we slept around 5 in the morning!

Woke up around 10, they left after breakfast and I sat to read my book for sometime. Then we watched a movie on Steve Jobs and my eyes couldn’t take it anymore an I dozed off till 7 PM! And now I’m going to go out for a run and workout because I missed the gym!

And that’s about it for the blog 🙂

diary entry doodle5.jpg

Always and Forever ❤


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