Mr. Doughnut, it’s all about miracles, curses and well..hitting the gym! | 13 April, 2018

Hi Doughie,

I think it’s time I resume writing Diary entries  but because I don’t get to spend my days with you around, I’d like to address these entries to you just as I’ve been writing letters.

My life’s pretty dull and monotonous without you but I’ve been working on keeping myself busy and doing all the things I couldn’t because of my health. But now that you’ve healed me, I find ways to thank you through my work and activities.

So here it goes, A day in my life now.

7:05 AM: So yesterday, I decided to join a nearby gym and now is the time to hit it. Of course, I would’ve never thought I’d be walking again after being bed-ridden for what seemed like ages but now I want to make my body fitter and take better care. SO it’s gym time! – a sentence that feels pretty strange to say.

(I’ll try collecting some images for the next post!)  

8.10 AM: Heading home! ’twas a good first day. The trainer suggested I do cardio for a couple of days and that’s what I did for about 30-40 minutes today. Remember the time you got on the treadmill, Doughie? Your face was hilarious! XD

I squeezed in some time to read after reaching home. before getting ready for my art classes. Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend is what I’m reading currently and it’s giving me Harry Potter vibes! I don’t get enough time to read these days, being busy with all the work that goes into making a website, but I’m enjoying the part I’ve reached so far. I even got fascinated by curses and started reading a little about some of the famous ones. I don’t necessarily believe them but they’re undoubtedly fascinating!

But then I started thinking about you, Doughie, and the thought of curses was replaced by that of miracles and this when I started reading on dogs and their spirituality. This is what I found on a website called ThoughtCo. :

Angels Appearing as Dogs

Angels are pure spirits who don’t have physical bodies of their own, and they can choose to manifest physically in whatever form would be best for the missions that God gives them to fulfill on Earth. When it would be best for angels to appear in the physical form of dogs in order to deliver certain messages to people, they do so. So don’t rule out the possibility of an angel visiting you as a dog; it could happen if God decides that’s the best way for an angel to communicate with you about something.

Dogs as Departed Pets Who Are Now Spirit Guides

If you’ve had a particularly strong bond with a beloved dog who died, God may allow you to see an image of your former pet in a dream or vision so you’ll pay close attention to a message that God wants to convey to you.

 In her the book All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love, Sylvia Browne writes that “Our animals and pets that have passed over will follow us, visit us, and come around to protect us in dangerous situations.”

I don’t believe in the God created by mankind, but I most certainly believe in God from where you, other dogs and all animals come from.

After Lunch: I was hooked on to a documentary I’ve been watching on Netflix, while having an early lunch, happy to have finished the whole series so now I can give full attention to work!

I’ve been working since then but today just isn’t a good work today. I guess it’s because I’ve been working and doing multiple things all these days in a row and today I just needed to relax a little. So I’ll be reading for a while!


8.00 PM: Today, in my art class, I realised something silly  in the middle of a session where we mainly figured out our basic sketching skills – I’m good with straight lines but not so much proper circles! – and that’s just how good it feels to hold a pencil to a paper and sketch again. It’s felt good to be able to do so without any swellings and pain. Doughie, I’m still not sure why did you decide to heal me but just know that I’m going to respect every moment of it and make it all worth it. I love you, baby boy ❤


So now I’ll continue reading for a bit and decide between painting or revising french before calling it a day!

Thank you, Doughie ❤

Love, always and forever.

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