Mr. Doughnut, I jumped for the first time in 12 years. | 9-11 March, 2018

Hi Doughie

I’m listening to Kommandant’s Girl’s audio book, as I write this. It’s a book by Pam Jenoff, a historical fiction romance. A little different from other books I’ve read based during the Nazi invasion. The narration isn’t that great but it isn’t that bad too. I don’t feel like reading physically, yet and so this is a good alternative.

Anyway, so I haven’t been doing much but I have been practicing Hand-lettering, started revising French and continue the masterclass course.
I’ve started with the second level of Floral hand-lettering from my course book and it’s really interesting. It’s one thing that’s helping me take my mind off things, pretty therapeutic.

I’m slowly getting back to work too, not entirely in the zone yet, but I’m trying my best. We had a meeting which went well and Gurin and I are working on product photography and the website as well. Nothing right now is easy for me to enjoy as such because I’ve always done majority of my work and other activities with or around you. But I’ll get there, eventually. Thank you, Doughie, for making it possible for me to do things that I couldn’t even imagine because of my health. I won’t let it go to waste.

Well, I don’t have much to say right now so I’ll update you on anything that happens tomorrow!

I had no idea that we were good at conceptualising photo shoot for our bags, Doughie! I don’t have the images with me yet but here’s a behind the scene:


We obviously miscalculated time and couldn’t get all the decided bags done but it was still a good photoshoot.

After this I went over to Spriha & Kavya’s to spend some time there. I haven’t been to their house and met Joey since the Sunday you had to go. I wish you could’ve met Joey and liked him so we could’ve had play dates all the time but it’s okay that you didn’t like other dogs walking in the house. You’re a human-dog and I’m an animal-person, it’s completely normal and what a team! ❤
The parents are out of town and I’m not used to sleeping alone yet so I decided to sleepover there itself. And the next morning we woke up to their toddler school’s Fun Day event! Kids dancing, kids on horses, kids running, kids in costumes, kids getting their hands painted, kids finding their way through an obstacle track, kids on the bouncy micky mouse thingy and kids on trampoline! oh that trampoline!
All thanks to what you’ve done, Doughie, I jumped for the first time in 12 years. And that too on a trampoline. I was a little scared in the beginning so I wouldn’t go of Pia’s hands but then I was so chill about it. It’s evident in the image below! How cool am I.


This was fun, Doughie. And well, after this, I was stuck between Spriha and Pia with their love for melodramatic films. Re-living childhood, Doughie, re-living childhood!

So I came home in the afternoon, cleaned our room and the lobby and then got down to practicing some more hand-lettering and continued with the audio book. I’ve made progress in both and have finished two levels, I suppose, in the former.

Let me show you some practice sheets I’ve done and my first word in one of those floral fonts:

Floralletterslevel 2 floral bold letters1double serif practice

There are more sheets but these are the (almost) final ones. I know I need more practice.

Doughie floral level 2 A1

Because we do everything together, baby boy ❤

The next exercise is now in script font in floral and I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve always enjoyed cursive and letters in a flow more than any other type.

You must be wondering about my french revision and if I’ve started physically reading books.. and well, I haven’t practiced much in these days but I’ve been randomly working on my pronunciation but I will get back to it soon. And books, it’s an empty feeling to read without you around so I haven’t been able to get back that interest but I’m working on it. Till then audio books are a great help.

Which reminds me, I finished listening to Kommandant’s Girl by Pam Jenoff and I did like it. I wouldn’t have continued reading it physically because it’s a little slow-paced and not as gripping and also despite the audio book narration being not that great, I was able to focus on the story and follow it. I’ll share my thoughts on it when I’ve gathered them completely.

I’m not sure which one to start now. I picked Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo to read physically but I need to accept that I’ll take time with that. I’ll continue listening to The World According to Star Wars and perhaps begin listening to the audio book for How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern. I’m hoping her books will be the kind of light and happy reading I require.

It’s March 12 now and I plan on editing the images from our photo shoot while listening to one of those audio books. But I guess I’ll pause this letter here and continue tonight.

I hope you’re happy, pooch. That’s all I pray for.

Thank you for everything, baby boy ❤
I’ll talk to you soon.

Love, always & forever.


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