“I’ve learned that to be courageous is to feel fear within, every step of the way.” | My Thoughts on Flawed by Cecelia Ahern | A Spoiler-free Book review

FlawedFlawed by Cecelia Ahern

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

One of my main reasons to pick a Cecelia Ahern book is to bring some happiness to my usual heavy reading.

And that’s why I got a copy of Flawed, without reading the synopsis, and decided to read it last year.

This book isn’t your typical Cecelia Ahern novel and I’ll be lying if I didn’t admit that I wasn’t quite enjoying it during the first few pages. However! I’m glad I decided to be patient and carry on.

Before I say anything else let me tell you that there are a lot of loop holes in the story and the plot in general, but what I most loved about this dystopian novel is the overall setting of it and what it talks about.

Celestine lives in a society that follows a moral law court of sorts known as The Guild. Know someone who lied or stole something? Or someone who cheated on their spouse or made a mistake in your business? Well, The Guild can brand them as a Flawed.

Once you’re a Flawed, you can only stay within the society if you follow all the rules and regulations that are assigned to any Flawed. You have separate places to sit and a particular time slot to conduct your daily lives.

When I read the book I couldn’t help but observe how so many things are relevant to what goes on now – the judgements, the unfairness of it all and most important of all how people (specially children) are treated on making the simplest of mistakes in life. Not crime but mistakes.
I fail to understand the form of parenting where they barely leave any room for the child to make a mistake and even lesser space for them to actually learn from them.

The school of thought that I think went behind this novel is quite in sync with my own and that’s what kept me hooked to Celestine’s story.

I really like it when authors try and write something different to talk about topics or issues that might seem unimportant but are in reality one of the building blocks of a more open and accepting mind and society, and Cecelia Ahern does it amazingly well!

“When the lows are so immense, victories are small. But they are there despite it. You just have to know them when you see them, little pockets of light and hope hidden away in darkness.”

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One thought on ““I’ve learned that to be courageous is to feel fear within, every step of the way.” | My Thoughts on Flawed by Cecelia Ahern | A Spoiler-free Book review

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