My Thoughts on Placard Holder in the Pass by Peeyush Maniyambath

51Oe4wUakZLPlacard Holder in the Pass by Peeyush Maniyambath

My rating: 3 of 5 stars  (According to Goodreads scale)

In One Line – A well written character-driven story  that’s refreshing to read and quite thought-provoking. 

I’m glad this was my last read of 2017 because its simplicity provoked me to think beyond what we normally see – a good thought to welcome a new year.

Placard Holder in the Pass follows a young man who, after losing a lot of his village to a natural calamity, sets out to find a stable job and help his family. It’s about how one person’s story almost always interconnects with so many around them bringing unimaginable changes, emotions and also tragedies.

What’s unusual about this book is that it talks about lives of a community who unfortunately don’t find enough pages dedicated to them in stories.

We follow the lives of a small roadside eatery’s owner, cook, cleaner, the person who holds placards for them to get customers, frequent passers-by, and those around. The area becomes home to almost everyone who resides there – voluntarily or not – and these people, their family.
The author has managed to show unfiltered trust and friendships via their relations and reminds us that every person who might belong to a family and share various relations within is, at the end of the day, an individual first. We learn through their stories that individualism is one trait that everyone needs to learn and live by.
It’s often the easiest to forget and discarded because of the numerous, often unnecessary, expectations and peer pressure.

It was quite refreshing to read about these characters and their lives. However, it got a tad bit slow in some parts and felt a little dragged on. Having said that, it’s well written overall and an easy book to read!

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a multi-character story driven by its simplicity rather than a plot.

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