Hello there! I think this exercise of picking out books consciously and organising my “I-want-to-read” list is really helpful!

I’ve been able to get a clearer idea of the books or the kind of books I’d actually like to read in 2018 and not just what I see on everyone’s instagram. As much as I’ve enjoyed most of the books picked out from social media, I am aware of how different my taste and choice of books have always been and how comforting that is.

So here goes the third book on my Biblio-wish list!
Screenshot 2017-12-29 13.17.47.pngFirst of all, the title and the cover of this book is extremely intriguing!
But what got me more interested is this line in the description: Petersen explores why the public loves to love (and hate) these controversial figures, each of whom has been conceived as “too” something: too queer, too strong, too honest, too old, too pregnant, too shrill, too much.

I love the idea of “Too much” !

I’m sure a lot of you must have a very common question about me, after seeing this book: Am I a Feminist? 

Well, as disappointed as this sounds, it actually depends on what you understand of the word and the term Feminism. 

If you’re someone who understands it to be equality between genders (eq. equal upbringing, respect, opportunities, rewards, right for all genders) – well yes, I am a feminist. 

And no, I don’t argue or fight for our right to smoke, drink and party because those aren’t vital for our living and anyway whoever wants to do it, shall and are already doing it. We don’t really need laws for it. But yes, I would like to change the judgment in the eyes of many to acceptance and tolerance. 

If you’re someone who understands feminism to be that women are better than men )in general), well then first please correct it and second, no I’m not a feminist. 

But before all this, I’m a human and I believe that any individual human can be better than any other individual human in terms of skills, understanding, talent, compassion, kindness etc. But gender, race, religion etc is not what’s going to set your place if you’re not a good human/person in life. 

Coming back to the book!

I’d love to get my hands on this copy and read it in 2018! If you’ve read it, do let me know how you liked it 😀

Do you have any similar suggestions? I really miss reading some strong Non-fiction.
Also, join in and share your wish list won’t you?
If you do a post, please use #timesofgee and #bibliowishlist !! I’d love to see your list 😀

See you in my next one! ^_^

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