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“I taught you to succeed. I goaded you. But when things went wrong…I did not teach you to fail.” My thoughts on If I Had To Tell It Again by Gayathri Prabhu | A spoiler-free book review.


If I Had to Tell It Again by Gayathri Prabhu

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In One Line: Read this book to learn strength and patience ; to understand that it’s important to acknowledge and accept ; and learn how to fail.

I always find it difficult to “rate” and “review” a memoir. How do I rate anything about someone’s life? And that too a story like Gayathri Prabhu’s.

But I’ll try to sound as grounded as possible and talk about this book as cautiously as possible.

If I had to tell it again is a book about the author’s thoughts which she seemingly wishes to have shared with her father while he was alive. Her father dealt with depression, something as per the author he wouldn’t accept even after his death. One might think, after reading the book, that it showcases her vulnerabilities. However, I felt that no one has featured one’s courage and emotions so beautifully in words before.

The author’s childhood is affected because of depression – both actively and passively – in ways unimaginable. Even though one gets to read her story in words, I’m sure it won’t match up to her constant heaviness and battle. We learn how this depression was later found to have travelled to the author herself, which fortunately she discovered and accepted. The emotions are so strongly put across that it isn’t hard to feel a black cloud looming and lurking around the characters, and the same darkness and gloom lingers in the book.

That same darkness becomes a teacher and a lesson.

But what hit me the most was the author’s dog and their bond.
Anytime someone asks me about dogs, without any hesitation I can say that they know it all and they know the best. And this is something proven quite right in the book. Had it not been for Chinna, Gayathri Prabhu would not have had any realisation of her strength and the will to live. She wouldn’t have won her battle against all the pestering demons, and she wouldn’t have realised her true worth and courage.

It’s a heartbreaking book, one of the most difficult reads and not because of the writing style. Definitely not a happy book but will leave you in tears towards the end, specially if you have all the love in the world for dogs.

Read this book to learn strength and patience ; to understand that it’s important to acknowledge and accept ; and learn how to fail.

I received this book to review. All opinions are my own

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