“I was okay just a moment ago. I will learn how to be okay again.” My Thoughts on We Are Okay by Nina LaCour | A spoiler-free book review

We Are OkayWe Are Okay by Nina LaCour

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In One Line: A quick, warm read about loss, grief and moving on – about a young girl & her only family. 

I was gifted this book by my friend and I’m so happy to have read it! Yes, I gave it 3 stars (3.5 actually) but let me tell you about this.
First of all, it’s another of those book that I went in with our knowing anything about the story, and yes I enjoyed it!

We Are Okay is a story about Marin and her struggle dealing with a big loss in her life. She lost someone who, she later realises, held a lot of secrets from her. Secrets from her past that would majorly affect her present with her best friend, and her future.
I really like the fact that there isn’t really a plot here. Normally, I wouldn’t find that interesting but Nina LaCour makes it up with good writing, strong relationships, friendships and love interests.

The writing is simple and it’s a very easy book to read. I enjoyed it even better because the book and I share the same season and festival, so it was fun to cuddle up in bed with a cup of tea and Marin’s story to read.

Having said that, it isn’t the perfect book. There could have been more or there could have been less but I know something was missing. However, it wasn’t only surrounded around teenage life and I loved that!

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you don’t mind an unusual story without a plot.

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