Dear Diary | 16 Dec, 2017 | The One Where We Follow Mr. Doughnut!

Dear Diary 

I look more like winter, than winter looks like winter. Made sense? made sense.

It’s so cold! 😀

Early Morning: (Starts whenever I wake up!)

Reading, emails, work, tea, Mr. Doughnut.


Mr. Doughnut: 


After lunch: When I REALLY wanted to clean my room, wait for Mr. Doughnut to settle down and then came down with fever!


Later in the afternoon: I sit down to work on all the different projects I’ve taken up! and that’s usually all I do really ^_^


So after this, I did some more work – went to the studio etc etc – wasn’t feeling okay so didn’t vlog it. I was also able to prepare some more for my work blog posts though 😀

Late Evening: More work! Duh! plus there’s either youtube or netflix on.


Also, that’s me telling you that I finally uploaded my review on Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon! 

And I thought I’ll upload this blog post earlier, but well some more work came up so it’s 11.53 PM as I edit this.

Now that everything’s done, I welcome you to another episode of

Body y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity! 

Hands- held a book, and well, ouch! At least I appreciate audio books now, eh!
Legs- umm, well, what can I say.. MOMMIE! THEY HURT!
Face- would you believe if I tell you it felt like my face’s been swollen since morning and there’s a weird pain in my upper life? I mean it doesn’t really matter if you won’t, doesn’t make it any better for me! Tee-Hee!
Fever – all day, everyday! 

Everything else? 

I don’t feel that okay, but hey! Me life’s B-E-A-Utiful! 😀 



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9 thoughts on “Dear Diary | 16 Dec, 2017 | The One Where We Follow Mr. Doughnut!

      1. No no, that’s completely fine. I don’t mind talking about them, but that’ll take some time. So since I will be talking about it here, I thought I’ll let you know 😊


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