Why I think Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon is unfair and disappointing | A spoiler-free book review

Everything, EverythingEverything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In One Line: Misguided representation of a highly sensitive health disorder, unfair and disappointing plot line ; good writing style and a quick read with fun illustrations.

Before I begin and tell you the reason why this book disappointed me.. let’s look at how this book pitches itself to the readers:

Live life in a bubble? Or risk everything for love?

Maddy is allergic to the world.
She hasn’t left her house in seventeen years.

Olly is the boy next door.
He’s determined to find a way to reach her.

The book follows Maddie’s life – a teenager dealing with SCID.
For those of you who aren’t aware of the complications this disorder brings – just know that no one can meet a person with SCID without changing into fresh clothes and washing yourself thoroughly. And that’s just a small part of it.

Maddie, despite her illness and being stuck at home for her entire life, is an extremely positive and active girl. She loves reading and blogging, she studies online and does her homework, she has a very active and a witty mind – and this is the one thing (apart from the writing style) that I appreciate.

One fine day, a new family walks into the house next door and that makes Maddie curiouser and curiouser. She gets really interested in what they’re upto and what their stories might be. And she also falls in love.


Leaving out the spoilers, I’d like to say that the plot twist is actually quite unfair. I don’t deal with SCID but I do deal with a different immune disorder (auto-immunity) and hence I do understand a few things.
Unlike me, people with SCID cannot step outside or let anyone else come near them. They’re, unfortunately, prone to nothing less than life-threatening situations every moment of their lives.

And here, Maddie gets to have some adventures.

All those who’ve read the book – I know what you’re thinking, but here’s why I inserted the synopsis, in the beginning of this post, which is printed on the paperback’s back cover.

Had the book not been pitched on a highly sensitive health disorder such as SCID, I might’ve been able to better appreciate the story and the plot. Had it been from another character’s point of view, it wouldn’t have been so insensitive.

But like I mentioned, I really did like the writing style and the character traits and that’s why I gave it 2 stars. But I don’t appreciate the plot in question.

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