My Thoughts on Becoming God by Pankaj Ogra | Blog Tour | A Spoiler-free book review

Screenshot 2017-12-15 13.28.33.pngRating: 2.5-3 stars / 5
Author: Pankaj Ogra
Publisher: Notion Press

In One Line: A quick, one-time read, that reminds you of what Life really is about and how to focus on essential things, through a scattered story line.

Do I recommend it? – Yes, only to anyone who’s looking for an easy, beginner, motivational/philosophical book. (and doesn’t mind a not-so-strong plot amidst the philosophy) 


The book follows Parnog, the protagonist, who experiences a peculiar day and enters an even peculiar world. It all starts with things going wrong, after which he meets his own conscience.
Is he dreaming? or is it all real?

One thing leads to another and he’s compelled to believe in things he’s never really thought about consciously. He’s introduced to a new version of himself, something he’s gained from the situations that begin to happen.

This new world has various plans for him, but there’s one mission in particular that he’s actually meant for.

However, for him to be able to succeed he needs to find 6 other people (unknown to him) who share a part his soul.


The story line does seem confusing, and it is. As mentioned on my Instagram Mini Blog post on the book – The writing style isn’t strong enough to bring out a well constructed plot and theme. However, the book does throw light on things that are important for people to learn and understand.

I was able to relate to some situations shared via philosophy because I’ve read books like The Secret and some by Echo Bodine. But this book is definitely for someone who’s a beginner and would like to understand the philosophy of Life, Faith, Energies and God.
One message that the author tries to put across, inspired from his own experiences, is that one must not be God-fearing but understanding and respectful. You need to respect God and have faith. He strongly believes that children must be taught to believe in themselves because that’s where the divine energy resides.
And I do agree with him.

Ebook courtesy bookstainfluencers (@bookstainfluencers – Instagram) 

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Becoming God by Pankaj Ogra | Blog Tour | A Spoiler-free book review

  1. Dear Gee , I appreciated and accepted the review given by you and it motivated me to improvise my book from all aspects mention by you. Finally after working on it again the book is out and hopefully pretty good in shape. I would really appreciate if you can read it again and share your reviews. You can download the revised book from the given link . ( )
    Thank you and looking forward to get your review.


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