Dear Diary | 15 Dec, 2017 | The One where I think I really like Time-lapse!

Dear Diary 

I understand that darkness is followed by light, and hence I remain patient.

8.30 AM – Who’s put an early alarm on my phone? 😣

9.00 AM – Oh! I did. Well, since my body’s going to take time might as well continue listening to Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick!

Screenshot 2017-12-15 23.51.28

A few minutes later: You know, sometimes, what bugs me more than my body pains? A messy room! So, I got up to just organise a few things, clean ze room in me pyjamas. I’m a funny human? I’m a funny human.


Time for lunch!: 


Later today: 

Mr. Doughnut and I went out to play a little but do you know how cold it is!? It doesn’t feel like it’s afternoon and it’s so windy!! I look like a fat Blue snowball!

Screenshot 2017-12-15 23.39.20

Fashion entrepreneur goals? Yusss!!! ❤
Let’s not forget that i’m on a health vacay! Yes, that’s what I call it!

I had a few things planned for today which I can’t really share yet, and then after that I uploaded a Book Review , after which I was feeling too exhausted.

I’ve been working on a lot of content which I’m yet to construct properly and publish, but  I think I’ll put in more time and effort before I upload it!

Okay so there was supposed to be a video entry here but my laptop just won’t take it! It crashed twice already so I guess I’ll have to give up on it now because it’s already 11.46 PM and I really need all the rest I can get!

I know my days haven’t been as interesting  but well, that’s how it gets with the kind of health I have.


Body y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity 

Difficult days. Beautiful Life. 

Hope you had a good one!



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