My Biblio-Wish List: Books I’d Like to Read #1

Hi there! How’s it going for you?

Are you facing a flooded “Want to read” list on Goodreads, like I am? It’s just getting crazier and crazier day by day!
So I thought, since my blog has been so helpful in keeping a track of most of the things I do, why not select a book (probably every week or so) that I’d really, really, really like to read soon!

Let’s do this! Join in, won’t you? If you do a post, please use #timesofgee and #bibliowishlist !! I’d love to see your list 😀

PS. I’m listening to Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick – audio book, while I write this. And I love it! I love how she narrates it! 

The first book I want to select for this blog is something that I’ve had my eyes on since ages – when it wasn’t even available in India, but now it seems more accessibile!

Screenshot 2017-12-14 16.44.27Black Milk by Elif Shafak 

My first Elif Shafak book was The Bastard of Istanbul and since then I’ve been intrigued to know about her and her work. It was Forty Rules of Love that changed me as a person, and I couldn’t resist myself in researching more and more about the author and her culture. One thing led to another and I saw Black Milk which is her autobiography, where she talks about her writing and her life as a mother.

After reading and experiencing the impact of her books, I can’t imagine how strong her life story would be!

So this is on top of My Biblio- Wish list!

Have you read it?

I’d love to know if you have a favourite by the author and/or some similar recommendations? 🙂


See you soon!

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