Dear Diary | 7 – 8 – 9 Dec, 2017 | The one where there’s a lot to update!

Dear Diary

Would you believe me if I tell you that I have absolutely no memory of my day on the 6th? What option do you even have, right?

Well, there’s no memory whatsoever. I have no clue about what happened and why didn’t I post a blog. But!

Let’s talk about 7th!

7 Dec, 2017:

Early day today! Apurva reached home at around 9 and after settling  down, we pretty much had long conversations that started with catching up and updating and then some work!

We be boss ladies! Tee-hee!

Anyway,  in between the catching up and work we announced our Blog Birthday Celebrations giveaway winner and it was none other than Ankita from @bookworm.reads !!!

Yay! She’s one of the sweetest bookish humans I’ve spoken to and befriended on Bookstagram and both Apurva and I were delighted to see her name in the name picker!

And I’m so happy with how it turned out! Met so many more friendly humans and had some fun conversations with them!

It’s afternoon now and after lunch we started working on some content that we’ve been talking about since a while, along with the videos we want to film tomorrow. It was really interesting to think of work on some really new ideas and also expand our blogging horizons, if you know what I mean.

Later today, we worked on Inara. And guess what! I’m launching my first bag collection and hosting an exhibition in Chandigarh! It’s a two day event and if you’re  from Chandigarh or the try-city, do come!


After some more work, the usual routine started. Walk, play time, chores, something or the other and then Apurva and I watched some Youtube videos – some classic JusReign! – before calling it a day!

8 Dec, 2017:

Mr. Doughnut decided to wake Apurva and then obviously I had to get hold of him, and this was  around 7 AM! I wasn’t sleepy after that but eventually dozed off around 8, which wasn’t a wise thing to do because Apurva and I were supposed to get up by 8.30 to start working!
Finally woke up around 10.30 AM, talked a little while I waited for my body to settle down and let me move.

Then around, 11 Am, Mother and I did some work for our exhibition! So excited! I’m quite happy with the collection, can already notice how the designing and material selection has become better!

An hour later, Apurva and I started our work and we filmed 4 videos for my youtube channel and her instagram! I hope I get the time to edit them soon.


Around 4 PM, she left to hang out with her sister and her friend and we decided to meet at The Hedgehog Cafe for an early dinner! Pragya was around so I asked her to join in, and that woman when tired is crazier. Just saying!


The crazy dinner was followed by a crazy amount of conversation Apurva and I had till early morning!!

Am I complaining? Nope!

9 Dec, 2017:

Hello hello!

Just to let you know, the reason why I didn’t journal throughout these days and post my blogs was because a lot’s going on with Inara, work, blogging, and then so much to deal with my body. I just needed to pause one thing to feel like it’s okay and everything’s stable. I hope I was able to put together a good post today because I’m still handling a lot of things.

It’s 5.44 PM as I write this to you, Apurva left in the afternoon and I rested a little after that. Then did some work, clicked some pictures for a blog tour that’s coming up and started to edit this post.

I thought I’ll post today’s post early because all I’m going to do now is edit my video and hopefully it’ll be live tonight, and then work on a few blog posts I’ve been thinking about, then work some more for the exhibition and try to get in bed early but make some time to read before I call it a day!

With this, I now bring you fresh episode of

Body y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity:


Everything, from head to toe – I repeat – everything, every teeny tiny place we tend to ignore – HURTS. 

Also – Dear Fever, you look better with Saturday Night. Not me.
oh. It’s Saturday today.
Made sense? even if it didn’t, I still have fever. All day everyday! baaaaahhh !

What are your weekend plans? ❤



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