My Thoughts on A Freezing Night in Geneva by Ajay Adala | A spoiler-free book review

A Freezing Night in GenevaA Freezing Night in Geneva by Ajay Adala

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In one line: A good one-time read. Simple and Straight-forward. 

A Freezing Night in Geneva is a story about how the author had to face various difficult situations during his trip in Switzerland as a student. According to me, it was a good one-time read but I had to skim through a few pages and I’ll explain why.

When I first read the synopsis, I was quite intrigued to know how would he have faced it all and found solutions at a time when internet was in its primary stage.

As I started to read the book, I was glad to have found a simple story written in an equally simple and straight manner. However, after about 30-40 pages into the book it started getting quite dragged and monotonous in some parts.
Further into the book, I wasn’t able to relate and connect emotionally to the story because of the very straight-froward narration.
Having said that, I did like the fact that the story takes us back and forth to his present and past but what made me fall out of it was the dragged portions of the latter timeline. I wasn’t as interested in his past as much as his present time in Geneva – that being the main story line.

Although, many people might find it interesting enough because of the many cultural references and if they relate to a similar situation during their student life. For anyone who’s faced it directly or has known someone who did, might be able to better relate with the author.

Had it been a less descriptive and a less straight-forward narration, I might’ve enjoyed it better.

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