Dear Diary | 1 & 2 Dec, 2017 | The One Where I Celebrate my Blog Birthday

Dear Diary 

I’m writing this on the 3rd of this month because here’s what happened:

But before that, here’s what I’m listening to

1 Dec,2017: I’m in the middle of posting my blog for the day when my laptop decided to crash. And I didn’t bother much with it thinking that I’ll have the blog post saved in drafts. But, yes I’m sure you’ve guessed already, it got deleted. All of it. Woosh. And I barely have any memory left of it.

2 Dec, 2017: Again, the post is mostly ready and I was just about to edit a few things when – nope, my laptop didn’t crash – but my body sort of did. More about it on a new episode of my segment (for those of you who are new here – Oh ‘ello! Great to see you. I’ve started a segment which I include at the end of every blog post talking a little about my body and my life with it 🙂 )

Here it is: My day on 2 Dec, 2017. 

It’s my Blog Birthday today!! I didn’t even realise that it’s been a year since I started this website.

Initially, my plan wasn’t to be a blogger at all. I started blogging because with the amount of work I used to do (I’m a Fashion Entrepreneur on Health Vacation), I needed a platform to share my thoughts in a productive and constructive manner. And hence, I started talking about my Everything Life!

Eventually, as I started reading more books, I felt the urge to talk more about them. And hence along with Everything Life blogger, I also became a book blogger and now a reviewer. It’s only been 2-3 months since I started book blogging on Instagram and Youtube and it’s been amazing.

Here’s the thing – with my auto-immune disorder I had started – and sometimes still do – losing control on my mood and thoughts. And that scared me a little. I knew I had to do something where I could basically form these thoughts into words and share where I could find someone, even one, who could relate to it. Because just as I’ve heard so many people say that being an Entrepreneur can get lonely at times, it’s also true with autoimmunity. It is a lonely road despite having people around you to support and help. Because at the end of the day it’s just you battling your own body.

So I am thankful to everyone who supported me in this blog and my bookish side of it. It has helped me cope up in many ways!

This is how I’m celebrating:

My friend, Apurva and I are hosting a giveaway on our respective Instagram handles.

We’ll be giving away 3 books – 2 of them really special to us and 1 is an anticipated read (Man Booker nominee) – A small cross body bag and some bookish goodies.

All the details are on Instagram (the links are below)

I would love for you to be a part of our celebration via this giveaway and since it’s our first one, we’d love your help in reaching out to more people!

for blog bday post 2017

But! This is what made my day:

Meet my Brother,

Screenshot 2017-12-03 17.15.32Screenshot 2017-12-03 17.15.44


Yup, my brother is better than yours. 


And now you’ve made it to a new episode of

Body y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity:

Highlights – 

Eye Lids – Still quite painful, but much better!

Fever – Fluctuating its way to glory! However, I did get a break for about 3-4 days in between so that’s nice. Thenks, body, thenks! Highly appreciate it. 

Legs – Remember how I said the reason I don’t mention them is because they hurt 24×7? Well, the pain increased so now they have my full attention! I’m sorry I ignored me legs, I didn’t mean to. *sigh* 

Chest – Here’s what I meant by my body crashing down. So occasionally, I get these weird chest pains that eventually make me breathless and dizzy. Initially, the pains used to happen because of a really fast heart beat but this time it happened because it was slowing down.
The first few times I felt the discomfort was when I was in the middle of filming a video for youtube but because it was going away on its own, I didn’t pay it much attention even though I came down with fever again. 

I continued my day, laughing around and doing weird stuff and then took my parents out for a pizza – because blog birthday – and I could feel something weird happening but decided to remain calm. 
It was when I went upstairs to my room, to get started on my blog that I could barely feel my heart and went breathless and weak. Stuff happened, I could barely stay awake and was so cold that I think I slept with multiple layers of clothes and blankets on. 

But, I’m alive! You set my heart on fire.. lalalalala ! Get it? 

Rest of me body –

Well, I woke up extremely tired and weak with body ache. So the rest of me body hurts. 

I am now going to do some work – check out @inarashoes on Facebook and Instagram because I’ll be uploading my first bag collection designs there!
And then, read a little perhaps 🙂

Have a great day ahead!

Gee ❤

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