Dear Diary | 30th Nov, 2017 | The one where I spent my day reading :D

Dear Diary

First thing’s first, why do my posts get randomly deleted?! I had to re-post yesterday’s blog. Second, WHY IS TIME IN SUCH A HURRY?? IT’S DECEMBER TOMORROW! 5 MORE MINUTES AND IT’LL BE 2018!! WHAAATTT!

I woke up around 10-10.30 AM, I suppose. I was grumpy and looked quite funny. Stayed in bed for an hour or longer before heading to my studio to check on work. Spent quite some time there and then headed back to me bed!

Today was meant to be a resting day, and I did just that.

These days, I can’t really tolerate a lot of mess or clutter so before I could do anything I had to clean my room. Took help in making my bed and then cleaned and organised everything else. By everything else I mean, tea cups and books and winter stuff and more books and devices. Then I made myself a comfy reading nook on my couch, dimmed the lights because that’s the only way I could open my eyes enough to read, and started reading Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.


Like many bookish humans, I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about the book but I bought it after my friend, Apurva , mentioned that the protagonist deals with a weak immune system and health issues – I mean obviously I had to get it for myself then!

So I’m buddy reading this with another bookish friend, Belen, and I have a feeling that both of us will finish reading it tonight!

It’s already 11.23 PM as I write this and I hope I won’t lose track of time while reading (sure) because I’d really like to get back to my strict routine. Let’s hope for the best!

Picking a new book today means that I now am reading 4 books currently. Woohoo!! And I plan on starting a new one tomorrow too. I’m quite excited to get back to my busy reading schedule! 😀



And now it’s time for the third episode of


Body y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity:

Highlights – 

Hip joint – still hurts but much better than before. Resting did help today! 

Eyes- Haha! Oh how I woke up today! The amount of pain wasn’t funny. This is what photosensitivity does to my eyes. Guess I’m not going out for a while. 2017-11-30 23.33.13.jpg

It feels worse than it looks. Let me explain: If you’re a 90s human, you’d remember marbles right? those small pretty looking marble balls? So it feels like I have to blink over those – they lie in between my eye lids and eye balls, and I have to blink. Interesting? Interesting! 

Rest of me body –
There’s a lot I can talk about but that’ll take some time. However, I did feel better after resting with my heating pads, Mr. Doughnut around and books.
Good life! ❤ 

I shall get back to reading now.



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