Dear Diary | 29th Nov, 2017 | The one where I had the yummiest food!

(The post got deleted. Re-posting tonight)
Dear Diary

Today was a beautiful day. I received some really sweet messages from a lot of lovely humans and I also got to spend time with some of me faves. And oh, let’s not forget the delicious food!! How about we start this with a song again?


12.35 AM: I’d like to start my day with another quote I love from my current read:

“When we don’t know where life is taking us, we are never lost”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why reading keeps me sane!

6.56 AM: Did you notice that in my last blog, I mentioned that I’m currently listening to a Michael Buble’s song but then on my segment I wrote that I have Coldplay and Ed Sheeran in the background?

Well, neither did I.

But my mind decided to think about this and wake me up!! At 6.56 AM I am up and thinking about this! I’d like to sleep, please 🙈

7.13 AM: well, can’t sleep now. Might as well pick my book I read

12.58 PM: So I went back to sleep around 8 and woke up around 10, got ready to leave for some social life! (probably this will be it for now)
So now I’m here at a friend’s place. We’ll be going out for some food and check out a new Book cafe in Chandigarh. Wohhooo!!

1.47 PM: We’re at Hedgehog Cafe and oh my is it good looking! I love the set up, the books and the ambience. Definitely getting some bookish humans here for some reading over coffee and food.

2.00 PM: THE FOOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I turned vegetarian this year and I’ve barely found any place that actually puts efforts in veg dishes but THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t as good a picture but HOO MAAIII GAAWWDD it was so good!

The desert wasn’t as nice though.


We left around 3.30-4.00 checked out some book stores and libraries. I was hoping to get a good deal but sadly there really aren’t any options here 😦

So then we left for my place.

Today was basically a farewell lunch for the human in this weird picture.

2017-11-29 17.45.51Well, you’re a good human. Go be a good CA now.

So we came home, I did some work and then we spent time with Mr. Doughnut!

It’s 12.40 AM now as I write this. I’ve been editing this blog since a while now but I’ve had to be slower than a snail! More about that in the segment below

Welcome to another episode of

Body y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity:

Highlights – 

Right hip joint – Hoo Maayee Gaawwdd! IT STIll HURTS!!!! I think the left’s been feeling left out and starting to hurt a little. *sigh* There there, left hip joint. 

Eyes-  Imagine trying to blink your eyes with your eyelids stuck to your eyebrows like in Tom & Jerry (I couldn’t find an image from the scene, on Google, but you get my point?) – That’s how they’ve been because of that fraction of a second when I wanted to switch from Sunglasses to my everyday anti-glare ones. Let’s *sigh* again, shall we? 

Hands – You know I don’t really need to apply any nail paint because my nails go purple, that’s how cold they are. Ladies, and gents who like vampires, I’m Edward Cullen. (No, I”m not a Twilight fan but reference!) The cold makes my joints stiff and hence I’ve had to type at snail’s pace. Ouch. 

Sinusitis – Me nose is cold. Me can’t breathe. Me still Rudolf. 

Rest of me body –
Neck and Shoulders – Unable to take the weight of my head and hair. *rolling eyes* ouch. that hurt.
Right Arm- Couldn’t hold a pen properly, today. 
Stomach – quite heavy at the moment and it’s pulling my back.
Back – Of course it’s aching because of me stomach. Also, I have scoliosis – 14 deg curve in my back bone. Next time you see me unable to stand for long, you know why! 
Joints –  You know how some people enjoy cracking (or whatever it’s called) their finger joints? My joints everywhere do that on their own and IT HURTS! JUST THINKING ABOUT THE NOISE I WANT TO RUN TO MY MOMMY! But I can’t. Because. Well. Joints. Hurt. 
Legs – Oh they constantly hurt. 24×7. So I don’t really mention them. I don’t remember how would they feel without the pain, ya know? 

It’s 1.00 AM now. Took me a lot of time to write this much. I guess I should just get in bed and listen to an audio book because it doesn’t seem like my hands will cooperate to hold a book for me. Thenks, me body, thenks. I’m still grateful for you. You’ve been quite good despite everything.



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