Dear Diary | 27 Nov & 28 Nov, 2017 | The one with a new segment.

Dear Diary 

Let’s start this entry with a song I’m currently listening to?

I promise to be consistent from day after! Life’s been quite social and busy this week. I’m also introducing a change in the way I update you.
I’m introducing a segment, which you’ll see at end of each post, where I’ll summarise a particular part of my life.
Emphasis on part of my life and not my life 🙂

11.51 PM: I’m currently reading The Spy by Paulo Coelho and I have a quote I love:

“Flowers teach us that nothing is permanent: not their beauty, not even the fact that they will inevitably welt, because they will still give new seeds. Remember this when you feel joy,  pain,  or sadness.  Everything passes grows old, dies, and is reborn.”

1.017 AM: Oops! It’s too late!

10.37 AM – Good morning!

So here’s the thing – when I’m out with friends I usually forget to use my phone at all. Initially, I wouldn’t even realise if it’s near me or in my pocket. But now that I make an effort to stay active online, I usually do have it in my hand. However, with friends I’m usually just engrossed in that moment. Which is definitely a good thing, just not for my daily blogging! :p

So I had my friends over for most of the day and we just did our usual chit chat, games and randomness.

The day went by is fast forward and it was time for bed.

All I remember is that I woke in the middle of the night dreaming about some really yummy cuisines from around the globe! Something that has never happened before 😛

28th Nov, 2017 

Late start to my day today! I wasn’t really able to sleep properly last night but let’s make the most of it, shall we?

Squeezing in some reading time before anything else because it feels like it’s been too long!

I got ready after this to film some booktube videos but then a few meetings were spontaneously scheduled! After which I just did some more work before me friend came over.

This friend’s going back to work, another state, day after so we’re all meeting tomorrow for the last time – until next time!

Say hi to our specky nerdy faces!


Some video games, software shopping and a few youtube videos later, we left for another friend’s place  and had some yum food.

It’s now 11.20 PM as I write this with some Coldplay and Ed Sheeran mix playing in the background. After we came back, I got down to some work after which I made myself comfy enough to read! I’m almost done with The Spy by Paulo Coehlo and will definitely finish it tonight. But before I call it a day, I’ll start with one of the books I received to review! I also have a very exciting book mail to share with you!! soon!

PS. I love my baby pooch! he’s such a cutie!! ❤

PPS. I finished my sketch that I mentioned in my last post:

And now you’ve reached the segment I mentioned above:

Body, y you do dis? This be my life with auto-immunity. 

Highlights – 

Right hip joint – Hoo Maayee Gaawwdd! IT HURTS!!!!
Mood – Swinging it’s way to glory!
Sinusitis – Much better but still won’t let me breathe in peace.

Rest of me body –

Head – right side aches ; not the usual headache though. How do I even explain?
Eyes – went outside without wearing glasses, so they were pretty much swollen and heavy throughout the day
Nose – Rudolf the red nose reindeer!
Tongue – a teeny weeny ulcer decided to camp! ( That reminds me, I want to purchase Eeny Meeny the book – I might be wrong about the title though but it’s in my cart )
Neck and Shoulders – Quite painful specially after I completed my sketch! ( Oops! totally forgot to show that to you. Scrolling up to edit!)
Stomach – been acting weird but that’s pretty much my fault because I introduced a lot of gluten quite suddenly.
Sorry, tummy! but sometimes it gets tough to resist food so yummy! 

Hands and Feet – Joints aren’t happy. No matter what I do, they find a way to stiffen up and trouble me! You belong to me, remember!?
( I have references to two very popular songs in this sentence – if you can guess you’re the coolest human!)
Memory – not so good and hence can’t remember much right now. 

Let’s end this with the song I’m currently obsessed with? ’cause it feels right after all the above information 😛 




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