Dear Diary |24 Nov & 25 Nov, 2017 | The one where I update on missing days, The birthday dinner and Movies.

Dear Diary

It’s been so long that I haven’t seen your face… Na na na na! Wow. I can’t believe I still remember that song. Do you know what I’m talking about? I guess I’ll have to listen to again now!
Well, it has been long since I last updated you. Here’s why I wasn’t able to daily blog – My joints were all stiff and it was painful to type, and when I thought I’ll do video entries instead – I lost my voice and came down with sinusitis! Life’s cool? life’s cool.

9.27 AM: Good morning! Who’s ready to conquer the world? Go ahead, because I still need to rest.

10.12 AM: I’m at the studio currently, working on some bag designs. After which,  I’ll head back and get some reading done. If I stop sneezing, I think I’ll film a quick video for booktube.

In between: Work. Lunch. Work. Youtube. Work. Photoshoot and editing.

3.03 PM: My mood’s just all over the place. Moments like these, I just feel like sitting alone in my room with curtains drawn and not talk to anyone. Sigh. Moments like these, I also hate autoimmunity the most.

4.41 PM: Mood’s a tad bit better, let’s hope it doesn’t swing back to the dark side. I’m sitting and editing some images I clicked today and watching Netflix! Will soon get ready to go out for a birthday dinner

I didn’t journal after the above update because my finger joints started to ache again and hence couldn’t type. I decided to rest because I had a birthday dinner to go to!

We left around 5 or 6, got some stuff, had coffee and fries and then left for the dinner around 8.


As usual, I can’t really describe what happens when all of us are together. Let’s just say they’ll make good youtube videos in a way!

We left around 11 from my friend’s place – my friend and I had a sleepover at my place and  we chatted for about a few hours till we dozed off.

25 Nov, 2017: 

I was quite tired after that and couldn’t really work on uploading the blog. So we woke up around 10 AM, had breakfast, pampered Mr. Doughnut and did a few random things before me friend left.
I also received two book mails today about which I’ll talk about later! 😀

So I’ve been working on getting my first bag collection online and hence my blogging’s been a tad bit slow. I can’t really work continuously without tiring myself and my joints and all. Also, I’m thinking of starting a blog series where I share my designs and the process of how a particular design comes to life from a sketch or an idea! If i get time tomorrow, I’ll start working on it.

So today is movie (Justice League) and dinner night, which means I’ll have to leave around 5 PM. 

Later this evening: Enjoyed the movie, and I can see DC is getting on the warmer, lighter side of its characters!
We had dinner at Kylin (Elante mall, Chandigarh) and I was happy to have a few things that I could eat without troubling my autoimmunity!


Came back home around 9:30-10:00 PM and started with my Night routine!

Made bed for my pooch and myself, lit some candles, youtube playlist ready and got ready to work out. Once everything was done, got in bed with my reading light on and continued reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I’ll read this book immensely slow just because it’s too emotionally heavy. A chapter later, I put the book down and continued reading a few pages into The Spy by Paulo Coehlo and I think I’ll finish it tomorrow night perhaps. I haven’t really been getting a lot of time to read because these past couple of days have been all about work, social life (offline), and resting my body!

It’s 1.19 AM now and I better snooze!



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