Dear Diary |12 & 13 Nov, 2017 | The one where I’ll dance after ages! Almost. 

Dear Diary 

I’m not sure how to describe these two days. Yesterday, I could barely move. Today, I wasn’t completely okay but okay enough to work so I worked for about half the day, then filmed and edited, then read and danced! Almost.

11.03 PM – So I didn’t journal at all today because it was another day to rest. I couldn’t do much and had to stay in bed to avoid pain. But I did have quite a few things to say in the blog. However! My laptop decided to crash. Excellent!

But since I could barely function,  I read or slept or cribbed. That’s about it. Not that I’m complaining! Despite not being able to do anything, I still wouldn’t call it a bad or a boring day!

I finished reading Flawed today and I actually really liked it. I understand the message the author has worked and built the story around. It’s something I do observe and think about quite often. Some parts of the book weren’t really easy to read and it got a little slow in between but I didn’t mind that.

I immediately ordered the second part of the duology and it’ll arrive soon! Also placed an order for everything everything and I’ll receive it tomorrow.

Now, I’m just sitting with candles lit and reading light on. I did download the kindle sample of Perfect but decided to read The Thing Around Your Neck by Adichie. It’s a collection of short stories and I’ll read the first one tonight.

7.50 AM – Wow. I just opened my eyes at this time. Something’s wrong, let’s go back to sleep.

10.00 AM – Oh hello! Good morning! My eyes are killing me, or the light is killing my eyes. Either way, ouch!

11.06 AM – Busy bee at the moment!

1.08 PM – Been working till now but body demands rest and rest it shall get!

3.24 PM – More work. And then I’ll read in a bit!

5.46 PM – Filmed a new video and then edited it right away! Will upload it tomorrow 😀

11.47 PM – So here’s the thing. My laptop crashed and the entire journal got deleted, now I can’t remember what all happened. Also, my joints are stiff because it’s too chilly for me to handle so I can’t type. But I want to be in a better mood, so I shall dance! Or try to dance! Or try to do something that might seem as close to dancing. Makes sense? Nope. Because my joints are stiff. Sigh!


Love, Gee.

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