My Thoughts on POS: Piece of Sh*t by Pierre Paquet | Spoiler-free Book review

PDM - Paquet de merdePDM – Paquet de merde by Pierre Paquet

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An illustrated autobiography where the author shares his experiences at work, relationships, childhood and other important parts of his life. The artwork is extremely well done.
The entire book feels like a conversation between the author and illustrator where the former has traveled down the memory lane and narrating his stories and the latter scribbles the entire thing.

This style of conversation was a refreshing way of narration, however I had trouble keeping up with the abrupt jumps from one timeline to another.

One question I asked myself was would I recommend it to others?
I would, but only to people who haven’t had the experience of being in a company of or being loved by an animal. I’d want people to understand how that bond feels, to understand why people with animal members in their families are so attached to them and what they mean to us.

And I wouldn’t to the ones who have experienced it, because honestly I couldn’t take the ending. I wept and it broke my heart. It’s one of my fears and I can’t/ don’t want to imagine anything happening to my pooch.

I have given it 4 stars for the artwork and the bond between the author and his pooch but it was truly an extremely difficult book for me to read.

E-book courtesy: Net Galley


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