Dear Diary | 11 Nov, 2017 | The One Where I Almost Didn’t Write This One.

Dear Diary 

I don’t have much to share today. It wasn’t really an easy day and I was mostly in and out of sleep. I finally started functioning around 7 PM. And I thought it wouldn’t make sense to post today but then why not? This is what I deal with, this is part of my Everything Life so why not? 🙂

So I read a little more and watched 2 episodes of Riverdale.

Screenshot 2017-11-11 23.11.10

Sadly, Mr. Doughnut wasn’t okay either so now I’m making sure he’s warm enough! He’s much better now though. Let’s hope he’s all good by tomorrow!

I just posted my thoughts on a graphic novel I read yesterday called POS: Piece of Sh*t by Pierre Paquet  and I just wept. It’s heart-breaking.

Anyway, so now it’s 11:14 PM and I’m still feeling bleh but I’ll try reading some more. I wanted to finish the book tonight because I might have one on my shelf for which I have to send in my review, so let’s see!



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