Dear Diary | 10 Nov, 2017 | The one where I couldn’t remember.

Dear Diary 

I honestly enjoy being part of the blogging community and specially Bookish community! I’ve interacted and befriended so many fellow bloggers, it feels really good!
Today’s been a difficult one to remember, sadly.

8:49 AM – Another early morning! Not bad, me, not bad!

10:00 AM – Took Mr. Doughnut out, spent time with him and now back in my bed reading! I’ll work in sometime, after a few chapters 😛

11:07 AM – A lot of chapters later, went to my studio to check on work. Sketched a little, played with Mr. Doughnut. Back to reading now!

Sharing one of my favourite quotes from Flawed by Cecelia Ahern (Let’s ignore the floral border, shall we?) :

2017-11-10 13.13.03

So sometimes my mind doesn’t let me remember some parts of the day, even though I make a point to journal as and when things happen. But sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes for things to go blank!



Can’t remember.

4:27 PM – Filmed two new videos for my Booktube channel today! Let’s hope they’ve come out well. I’ve exhausted my vocal chords for the day and I shall take a nap.


5:00 PM – Ended up reading an E-Graphic novel and cried my heart out! Will share more on it and my thoughts soon.

Can’t remember……… *sigh*

It’s 11:40 PM now as I’m editing this. After dinner, I spent some time with the family and of course my baby pooch. Took him out and played around a little. And now I’m going make my bed for the night, browse through a magazine and then continue reading Flawed!

Screenshot 2017-11-10 23.48.11.png



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