Dear Diary | 8 Nov, 2017 | The One Where My Day Just Went by!

Dear Diary 

Today was quite a productive day in terms of reading and work. I have some new fabrics coming in for shoes, plus some new bags designs will be ready soon! I’m planning to start vlogging work and share how I manage to do thing despite my health. But mostly, I’d like to share how the designs come alive – Sketch/idea to product!

9:45 AM – Good morning! I’m just so grateful to have curtains in my life. Photosensitivity isn’t a fun thing to have!

10:10 AM – (10 10 sounds like Tintin and now I want to read them comics!!) 
Not planning a lot for the day. Fluctuating fever is back and doing its thing so I’ll have to rest and take the day slow. So I decided to cozy up and read.
Now, I was going to pick Flawed but then I got drawn to Miss Laila Armed and Dangerous by Manu Joseph. I had started reading it before and thought I could finish it now.
Yes, yes. I’m a mood reader. This is life!

3:27 PM – Been reading till it was time for lunch and then decided to finish Stranger Things 2! And woah! They’re amazing!
Then I watched some Youtube videos and stuff. And now I’m back to reading.

4:00 PM – This book is so good!! Definitely finishing it tonight!

2017-11-08 21.49.29.png

5:00 PM – My body was demanding sleep. so. That happened.
Quite tired but I’m headed to my studio to check on work.

It’s 10:22 PM as I write this. I’m not sure where did rest of the day go, and I’m unable to remember it 😛
But I’m sure it was a lot of time with Mr. Doughnut, work and so much reading! I’m left with only a few chapters of my current read and after posting this diary entry, reading is all I’ll be doing!

P.S Have you seen yesterday’s vlog yet? 



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