Dear Diary | 6 Nov, 2017 | The one where I’m sick, again. 

Dear Diary

It’s a beautiful day today. I’m not in a good condition health wise, but it’s still  a beautiful day today 🤗 I have auto-immunity, auto-immunity doesn’t have me. 

8.20 AM – Birds and squirrels and my pooch, beautiful day ❤️🔆
Let’s not forget Green tea! I’m going to read right away and try and finish the book soon. I have my issues with it but let’s hope I like it at the end! So Yesterday I thought I was about 200 pages into the book, but I was wrong 😂 I finished till page 169 and now I’ll start from 173!

9.41 AM – Went over to the studio to check on work. That reminds me I have to place an order for some material I require for a few shoe designs. Exciting!!

Doughie’s been fed his breakfast and then we played some hide n seek 🙈 He’s asleep now and I’ll get back to my reading

It’s 7.17 PM as I write this. Around noon I started getting a headache towards the right side. And eventually, around 2, I felt like the right side of my face was getting tighter and swollen. I tried managing it and continuing with my work but just couldn’t. So I went to my room and dozed off within a second. Woke up around 6.30 ish, thought was feeling better, but nope. Still the same, plus now I’m irritable and more sensitive to noise.

I wanted to finish a book today, make some mini sculptures, sketch a few designs, film 2 videos for YouTube, study,  and a couple of other things. But yeah. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be better tonight and have a good day tomorrow.




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