Dear Diary | 5 Nov, 2017 | The one where I make a lot of videos!

Dear Diary

Today, it’s been a camera in my face day and I’ve been filming videos!

9.13 AM – Oh Morning, why you be so you bright 🔆?

2017-11-05 13.21.52

12:00 PM –


4:51 PM – 


5:06 PM – 


So that happened! Then my throat started hurting, I was exhausted and just Ugh!

But, well I look good so let’s smile? 😛

2017-11-05 18.25.07

It’s 9:52 PM as I write this with some Netflix on in the background. I’ve been reading on and off since the last update and am now about 200 pages into the book (The Memory Keeper’s Daughter). I’m planning an early morning and a long day tomorrow so I can get more things done in a day – I have to study, work, work on pending review and a few other projects I’m working on.
Before calling it a day, I think I’ll continue reading Flawed by Cecelia Ahern and maybe watch an episode or two of whichever show I have to continue with.



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