Dear Diary | 4 Nov, 2017 | The one where I sold quite a few bags :D

Dear Diary

Today was a funny day. Mixed events and what not. And I quite enjoyed it! I’m definitely feeling better than the past few days, was able to be more productive too. However, my body ache increased towards the end but oh well! I’m mentally better so! 😀


8.25 AM – Does life recognize me when I wake up this early now? 🤔

9.01 AM – A cup of green tea and I’m quite ready to conquer the world! (oh wait, it’s too bright outside 🙈)

Also, this is my Playlist at the moment. The amount of cars and traffic I have to hear early morning!!

In between – Snuggled with Mr. Doughnut and then had my breakfast and tea and all the la la stuff in life. I’m not sure what that means but yeah!
And watching some vlogs side by side and I totally forgot about my own 🙈 so yesterday I had mentioned that I’m giving weekly vlogging another try, but I totally forgot to film second half of the day! But I’ll fill it in now because I don’t want to give up without trying again properly.

10.26 AM – so I’ll shower, get ready and then film the update 🙂

Say hi to my Snapchat face!

In between – so I did what I said I would do but then forgot to journal rest for the day 🙈 things I need to get used to!

In my defense, I was never active on social media as I am now so I’m doing pretty well for that! Anyway, so I filmed a video for YouTube and there’s something I notice. I think I need to look happier because I am happy but I guess I get so tired while talking, I’m most drained of any energy. And then it gets difficult to sound and look chirpy. But I shall work on it!

After filming the video, I’ve been working and guess what! Some bag designs are already sold out! I haven’t even put them online yet 😀

Sadly, I couldn’t study today but I might just before sleeping.

8.14 PM – I’m going to read my book for sometime before it’s dinner and time to go for a walk!

It’s 12.14 AM as I write this. Reading didn’t happen, studying didn’t happen but a lot of work did! So we packed all the bags that have been bought 😀 Super exhausted now but in a good productive way! Also, I’m listening to Shiver by Coldplay. Coldplay ❤ And memories! ❤


Also, I had posted some bag images on my IG stories and you guys are so cute!! The feedback was just ❤ You made my day!!

Well, now I’m going to relax my body a little. It’s quite late already but let’s see if I get any reading done!



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